The Best Home Appliances

Buying an appliance is a major decision. Most are not cheap, and moreso, they’re going to be prominent parts of your life. We help with that decision by doing the hard work for you, taking the purchase anxiety off the table with hundreds of hours of research and testing in order to make a recommendation that’s best for you — and also not overly expensive. Check out our product reviews below to make sure you get the absolutely best appliance for your home and situation.

  • evaporative air cooler
    What Are Ventless Portable Air Conditioners?


    We’ve tested window air conditioners and more-convenient portable air conditioners extensively, but many readers ask us if there are any easy-to-install air conditioners that don’t need…

  • portable AC vent hose closeup
    How To Fix A Portable AC That’s Not Cooling


    Troubleshooting an appliance can be daunting, but we combed through service manuals and manufacturer troubleshooting guides to compile the following steps will help you find the…

  • Kill A Watt electricity monitor
    How Many Watts Does A Window AC Use?


    If you’re shopping for a window air conditioner, there’s an official standard for efficiency you should understand: the combined energy efficiency ratio, or CEER, which represents…

  • portable ac venting out a window
    How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?


    While it would be wonderful to live in an alternate reality where we can turn electricity into cold, we’re stuck in a world where we can…

  • two portable acs size comparison
    What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?


    Many people reading our reviews of the best portable and window air conditioners have asked us “What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?” The answer is…

  • Cleaning an air conditioner
    How to Clean an Air Conditioner


    We’ve researched the instruction manuals and maintenance guides for more than a dozen different air conditioners in the course of testing portable air conditioners and window…

  • clock next to a vacuum
    How Often Should You Vacuum?


    Cleaning and health experts recommend that frequent vacuuming is good for both body and mind, and these simple guidelines to you how often you should vacuum.

  • putting a hand through the Dyson TP01
    How Do Bladeless Fans Work?


    Bladeless fans have a futuristic design that might make you think it has complex technology. But how a bladeless fan works is actually simple.

  • stainless steel fridge
    The Best Refrigerators

    Whirlpool - WRX 735SDHZ

    We compared hundreds of refrigerators on the market including french-doors, side-by-side, apartment sized, and compact models to find the best refrigerators for your kitchen.

  • The Best Glue Guns

    Cobiz - CZGLUEGUN-001

    We tested eight of the highest-rated glue guns on the market and selected the Cobiz - CZGLUEGUN001 as the best glue gun overall and the Chandler Tool - CT25 as the best glue gun for smaller craft projects.

  • Canister vacuums
    The 6 Best Canister Vacuums

    Kenmore - Elite

    After months of research and testing top designs for power, handling and dust control, we chose the Kenmore - Elite as the best canister vacuum. The unique multi-mode floor head switches quickly between carpets and bare floors, and the power and dust control are competitive with vacuums that are double or triple the price.

  • The 7 Best Tea Makers (Hot & Iced)

    Breville - BTM500

    We tested some highly rated automatic tea makers and iced tea makers and selected the Breville – BTM500 as the best automatic tea maker for hot tea and the Takeya – 11171 as the best iced tea maker.

  • best citrus juicers hero
    The Best Citrus Juicers

    Dash - JB065AQ

    We tested the most popular citrus juicers to find out which produced the most juice and was the easiest to use. We chose the Dash - JB065AQ as the best electric citrus juicer and the Urban Trend - Tango as the best manual citrus juicer.

  • The Best Lightweight Vacuums

    Shark - Rocket HV302

    We tested eight of the best lightweight vacuums and chose the Shark - Rocket HV302 as the best corded vacuum for everyday and heavy-duty cleaning. We also picked the Eureka - NEC22 as the best cordless lightweight vacuum.

  • The Best Gas Grills

    Char-Broil - Performance

    We tested three of the most popular gas grills and chose the Char-Broil - Performance as the best value gas grill. The Char-Broil gave us perfectly seared and evenly cooked steaks and juicy burgers and chicken. Coming in a close second is our upgrade pick, the Weber Spirit II.

  • The Best Meat Slicers

    Cuisinart - FS-75

    We sliced our way through ten pounds of meat and cheese to test meat slicers, and we found that the Cuisinart FS-75 is the best meat slicer for the home.

  • The Best KitchenAid Stand Mixers


    If you're wondering which KitchenAid stand mixer to buy, we tested three of the most popular models and selected the Artisan as the best for a first-time or occasional baker and the Pro 600 as the best for large-volume baking.

  • The Best Pet Hair Vacuums

    Shark - NV350

    After testing nine of the best pet hair vacuums on the market, we found that the Shark - NV350 will keep your pet-filled home the cleanest.

  • The Best Stand Mixers

    KitchenAid - KSM150P

    After using five of the best stand mixers on the market to make pizza crust, cookie dough and cakes, we've found that the KitchenAid - KSM150PSWH is the clear winner.

  • Blenders lined up with ingredients on a counter.
    The 9 Best Blenders

    Cuisinart - CBT-2000

    We blended over 30 pounds of produce in the most popular blenders on the market. Ultimately, we thought the Cuisinart - CBT-2000 blended the best for a mid-range price.

  • The Best Hand Mixers

    Breville - BHM800SIL

    We spent over 40 hours baking cakes, blending egg whites, kneading bread and mashing 20 pounds of potatoes to determine the Breville was the best hand mixer.

  • The Best Bread Machines

    Zojirushi - BB-PAC20

    We gathered a wealth of knowledge, science and technique into our 36 hours of research and testing six machines to determine a Zojirushi product was the best bread machine.