The Best Travel Products

Exploring new cities and countries can be an amazing experience if you’re lucky enough to get the chance! It’s one thing to organize and manage your belongings at home, but it becomes a whole other task when you’re on the road or making your way through luggage check-ins and airport security. Although we can’t make traveling stress free, we took the pain out of finding the best travel products so you can be prepared for your next trip.

  • the best fanny packs
    The 11 Best Fanny Packs & Belt Bags

    Wandrd - Toiletry Bag in Medium

    Fanny packs are more than just a ’90s fad coming back in style; they’re stylish and practical bags that help make carrying an actual load lighter. When traveling (or even running daily errands), you want to easily carry your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and other essentials to keep your hands free. And these days, you want to be equipped with sanitary items like a mask, wet wipes, or hand sanitizer. If these items can fit into a fanny pack, we tested them.

  • best travel purses
    The Best Travel Purses

    Sherpani - Vale Crossbody Purse

    Make your vacations easier by finding a stylish travel purse that can carry all of your daily essentials comfortably and safely. We tested five different travel bags over several trips and daily errands to find the most durable and aesthetically pleasing purses. Our top pick is the Sherpani - Vale Crossbody Purse because of its comfortable straps and added security features. We also loved the Fjällräven - Kånken Totepack for its versatility as a tote or backpack and fitted perfectly for a carry-on under a plane seat.

  • best travel accessories
    The 18 Best Travel Accesories & Gear


    I’ve been traveling a lot in the last five years both internationally and nationally and have gotten a chance to rethink and refine what and how I pack. Much of my travel is fueled by a love of food, exploration, and many of these trips are to visit loved ones. No matter the reason for the trip, they each required a careful packing of luggages and backpacks with essential gear, electronic accessories, flight-specific amenities and weather-specific clothing.

  • best packing cubes
    The 9 Best Packing Cubes for Travel

    Eagle Creek - 3 Piece Pack-It Starter Set

    As avid travelers taking 34+ flights over the last two years, we know how much work packing takes. Packing cubes can keep your clothes from getting wrinkled during transportation, make unpacking in your hotel room easier, and allow you to bring more options with compression bag features. We tested over half a dozen packing cube sets for several months on various kinds of trips to find the best options.

  • best jewelry cases
    The 7 Best Travel Jewelry Cases & Organizers

    Becko – Jewelry Roll

    Traveling with jewelry can be a bit of a hassle and finding a jewelry travel case can be specific to the variety of your collection and needs. Over two months, we tested seven travel jewelry organizers during several short and long trips in both carry-on and checked-in luggage. We chose the Becko – Jewelry Roll as our top pick because it can carry a lot of jewelry safely, is still relatively small, and is affordable.

  • The Best Car Phone Mounts

    iOttie - HLCRIO125

    We tested eight of the most highly rated car phone mounts in five different styles to determine which was the best car phone mount for holding a phone securely and was also the safest to use while driving.

  • The 12 Best Women’s Toiletry Bags


    We tested the ten most popular toiletry bags for women on Amazon to find the best. If you want a simple, see-through bag that gets you through airport security quickly, we recommend the Lermende - Clear Toiletry Bag as the best toiletry bag for women. Our runner up is the Expert Travel - Hanging Toiletry Bag.

  • The Best Rolling Duffel Bags

    FŪL - Tour Manager Deluxe

    After testing top-rated rolling duffel bags for capacity, packability and rolling capability over various terrains, we determined that the best full-size rolling duffel is the FŪL - Tour Manager Deluxe. The best carry-on duffel bag is eBags - TLS Mother Lode Mini.

  • group of all tested travel mugs
    The Best Travel Mugs

    Thermos - Sipp

    We filled, drained, cleaned, and tried to break 13 travel mugs over multiple weeks to find the CamelBak Forge to be the best travel mug that performed well in all the tests.