The Best Outdoor Products

The great outdoors are even greater if you’re not fumbling with some poorly made product there. Of course, the outdoors is simply just about enjoying our time with nature, an activity, or a sport but sometimes products are a part of that. We tested and found the best outdoor products so they can help you better enjoy your time under the sun.

  • group of best glass water bottles
    The 9 Best Glass Water Bottles

    Ello - Syndicate

    Glass water bottles are a great option for getting hydrated if you prefer cleaner-tasting water and want to avoid plastic. We tested nine glass bottles and tumblers for several months to find the best-designed and easiest-to-use glass water bottle.

  • group of outdoor watering cans
    The 8 Best Outdoor Watering Cans

    Novelty - 2-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

    We’ve extensively the most popular products to find the eight best watering can for the outdoors. We loved the ease of use with the Novelty - 2-Gallon Deluxe Watering Can for larger containers or plants and the sleek design and durability of the Best Choice Products - 1-Gallon Steel Watering Can for smaller, medium-sized planters.

  • Hydro Flask next to Yeti insulated bottles
    Hydro Flask vs Yeti: Which Is Better?


    We’ve been testing water bottles, travel mugs, and other beverage containers for four years, and the comparison people are always asking about is YETI vs. Hydro…

  • The best knee brace
    The Best Knee Braces


    After putting seven top-rated knee braces through their paces, our testers chose the Bauerfeind - Sports Knee Support as the best knee brace for superior support and comfort.

  • pumping up a bike tire
    How to Pump Bike Tires


    All bike tires slowly leak air every day. Even if you’re an occasional rider, and you only take your bike down from the bike rack once…

  • How to Clean Bike Chains


    Cleaning your bike's chain is an essential part of bike maintenance. It's easy to do, and our step-by-step guide shows you how.

  • The Best Car Phone Mounts

    iOttie - HLCRIO125

    We tested eight of the most highly rated car phone mounts in five different styles to determine which was the best car phone mount for holding a phone securely and was also the safest to use while driving.

  • The best running shorts
    The 10 Best Running Shorts

    Patagonia - Strider Pro

    We interviewed experts and tested 10 top-rated designs to find the best running shorts. For men our favorite pair is the Patagonia - Strider Pro, and for women we picked the Oiselle - Toolbelt Roga.

  • The best beer koozies
    The Best Beer Koozies

    Thermos - 2700TRI6

    After comparing eight top-selling beer coolers in an all-day insulation test, we found that the best beer koozie overall is the Thermos - 2700TRI6.

  • The best tactical flashlights
    The Best Tactical Flashlights

    Klarus - XT11GT

    Our team worked with service personnel to find and test the best tactical flashlight. The Klarus - XT11GT gives you instant access to modes you need, and charges with a USB cable.

  • The best bike helmets
    The Best Bike Helmets

    Specialized - Echelon II

    We rode for miles to test the highest-rated bike helmets and selected the Specialized - Echelon II as the best road helmet and the Thousand - Anti-Theft as the best commuter helmet.

  • The Best Rolling Duffel Bags

    FŪL - Tour Manager Deluxe

    After testing top-rated rolling duffel bags for capacity, packability and rolling capability over various terrains, we determined that the best full-size rolling duffel is the FŪL - Tour Manager Deluxe. The best carry-on duffel bag is eBags - TLS Mother Lode Mini.

  • Five coolers
    The Best Thermoelectric Coolers

    Koolatron - P27

    After four weeks of testing five best-selling models in the summer heat, we've concluded that the 29-quart Koolatron - P27 Voyager is the best thermoelectric cooler in a disappointing lineup.

  • The Best Gas Grills

    Char-Broil - Performance

    We tested three of the most popular gas grills and chose the Char-Broil - Performance as the best value gas grill. The Char-Broil gave us perfectly seared and evenly cooked steaks and juicy burgers and chicken. Coming in a close second is our upgrade pick, the Weber Spirit II.

  • The Best Patio Umbrellas and Stands

    Treasure Garden

    We tested the highest-rated patio umbrellas and stands and determined that Treasure Garden is the best market-style umbrella, Hampton Bay is the best cantilever-style umbrella, and Shademobile is the best umbrella stand.

  • Group of shoe insoles
    The Best Shoe Insoles

    Superfeet - GREEN

    We've spent hours walking, running and standing with the best insoles you can buy from the store. Ultimately, we've found that the Superfeet - GREEN are the best insoles for keeping your feet happy.

  • The 9 Best Coolers

    Orca - 40 Quart Classic

    We spent an entire summer prepping lunches and transporting nine coolers to parks, beaches and other destinations. The Orca kept ice the longest, and it's our top pick.

  • The 8 Best Hose Reels

    AMES - 2519500

    After six weeks of testing, we think the best reel for efficiently spooling and storing your garden hose is the Suncast - Hose Hideaway

  • Chairs
    The 7 Best Zero-Gravity Chairs

    Timber Ridge

    After four weeks of lounging at the park and beach, watching movies in a neutral body position and experimenting with a neutral-posture office setup with the five top contenders, we think the Timber Ridge has the zero gravity chair you should buy.

  • The Best Electric Smokers

    Masterbuilt - 20071117

    We had a professional chef test the five top-rated machines, smoking over 40 lb of pork, 25 lb of ribs and 20 lb of chicken and consulted with seasoned BBQ pros for advice and found that the Masterbuilt was the best electric smoker.

  • group of metal detectors on the beach
    The Best Metal Detectors

    Garrett - Ace 250

    We put seven metal detectors through tests for a month with 30+ hours of hands-on time to find the Garrett - Ace 250 was the best metal detector overall.

  • group of all tested travel mugs
    The Best Travel Mugs

    Thermos - Sipp

    We filled, drained, cleaned, and tried to break 13 travel mugs over multiple weeks to find the CamelBak Forge to be the best travel mug that performed well in all the tests.