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Buying an appliance is a major decision. Most are not cheap, and moreso, they’re going to be prominent parts of your life. We help with that decision by doing the hard work for you, taking the purchase anxiety off the table with hundreds of hours of research and testing in order to make a recommendation that’s best for you — and also not overly expensive. Check out our product reviews below to make sure you get the absolutely best appliance for your home and situation.

The Best Appliances

  • All the finalists we tested
    The Best Toaster Oven

    December 2, 2016

    After over 40 hours of researching, baking, toasting, broiling, and carbo-loading we found the Breville BOV845BSS to be best toaster oven, with a great runner-up too.

  • group of coffee makers
    The Best Single-Cup Coffee Maker

    November 15, 2016

    After two weeks of brewing and drinking dozens of cups of coffee, we determined that the Keurig 2.0 K575 Series Coffee Maker is the best single-cup…

  • toaster group shot
    The Best 2 & 4 Slice Toasters

    October 3, 2016

    We spent more than 30 hours eating toast and testing toasters to determine that Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster is the best product for consumers.

  • oster waffle maker
    The Best Waffle Maker

    August 5, 2016

    We spent 40 hours eating and cooking delicious waffles in order to find the best waffle maker: the BELLA - 13591 Classic Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker.

  • kettles lined up on a table
    The Best Electric Kettle Under $40

    July 20, 2016

    Testing the best electric kettles over 45 hours during the course of one month led us to pick the Hamilton Beach 1.7 liter, which has all the essential functions of many kettles two to three times its price.

  • Photo Credit Kimberly Lostroscio
    The Best Personal Blender

    July 19, 2016

    After blending seven blenders in several different tests to measure motor power and overall usability, the NutrilBullet Pro 900 Series was our pick for the best overall personal blender.

  • The NutriBullet vs Vitamix

    July 1, 2016

    In the battle of powerhouse blenders, the Nutribullet comes in first, especially as a personal blender choice. If you want to get a little more versatile, the Vitamix has its perks, but isn't quite worth the price.

  • Vitamix S30 Review: Is It Worth It?

    July 1, 2016

    The Vitamix S30 is a great personal blender -- its just not worth the $250+ you'll pay for it if you're using it for those reasons. If you want a real, more versatile blender, upgrade in size.