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The Best Selfie Sticks


We spent two weeks thoroughly testing the seven best selfie sticks on the market. Our testers paired selfie sticks with iPhone, Android and GoPro devices, then took selfies in a range of conditions. Ultimately we found that the Yoozon was the best selfie stick overall because of its ease of use, portability and performance. Our testers liked the Yoozon’s Bluetooth remote and appreciated the stick’s light weight and sleek design. The Fugetek – FT-568 was our most sturdy selfie stick.

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We spent two weeks thoroughly testing the seven best selfie sticks on the market. Our testers paired selfie sticks with iPhone, Android and GoPro devices, then took selfies in a range of conditions. Ultimately we found that the Yoozon was the best selfie stick overall because of its ease of use, portability and performance. Our testers liked the Yoozon’s Bluetooth remote and appreciated the stick’s light weight and sleek design. The Fugetek – FT-568 was our most sturdy selfie stick.

Table of contents

The 7 selfie sticks we tested

Lineup of selfie sticks

ProductPriceWeight (oz.)Extended Length (in.)Collapsed Length (in.)
1. Yoozon$$428.710
2. Fugetek$$94918.5
3. Vicdozia$5.3197.25
4. Selfie World$4.5328
5. Mpow$5.631.57.1
6. Anker$4.828.37
7. UBeesize$$14.631.99

The best overall: Yoozon

Yozoon in front of plant

The Yoozon was ranked highest by our testers because of its balance, portability, ease of use and quality. Our testers loved the Yoozon’s removable Bluetooth remote that was simple to use and snapped the phone’s shutter instantly. This remote was fully charged in under an hour, and maintained its charge for multiple days of use.

Our testers were also taken with the Yoozon’s sleek black appearance, which one tester compared to a lightsaber. The Yoozon’s remote fits seamlessly back into its handle contributing to the selfie stick’s overall sleek appearance.

The downside of the Yoozon is the flimsiness of the pole, which is not meant for vigorous shaking. This selfie stick works best when it’s not fully extended. It is sturdy enough to withstand the bumps in a crowd of tourists, but it’s not built for running or action sports.

The bottom of this selfie stick can be separated out into a tripod stand. Paired with its Bluetooth remote, this means that you can set the selfie stick down and take a picture from farther away. In practice, our testers found that this tripod stand tipped over too easily to be very effective.

Top Pick: Yoozon

This selfie stick has an easy-to-use Bluetooth remote and intuitive design that our testers loved. It weighs only four ounces and collapses down to 10 inches, making it easy to travel with.

The Yoozon is easy to carry around, collapsing down to 10 inches and weighing only 4 ounces. If you are traveling, this would be an easy selfie stick to bring with you in a purse or back pocket. The Yoozon’s telescopic pole extends 28.7 inches, meaning you have enough space to work your selfie angles.

Overall our testers ranked the Yoozon as an above-average selfie stick that would be ideal for tourists or casual selfie takers. It is priced just around $20, which is fair for the product’s quality.

Key takeaways:

  • Our best selfie stick, the Yoozon, has a handy, easy-to-use Bluetooth remote.
  • This selfie stick has a simple, sleek black appearance that our testers appreciated.
  • The Yoozon weighs only 4 ounces and collapses down to 10 inches, making it highly portable.
  • Fully extended, this selfie stick is 28.7 inches. Our testers found this to be a good length for capturing selfies.
  • This selfie stick’s pole is not sturdy enough for vigorous shaking.

Sturdiest pick: Fugetek – FT-568

Fugetek solo

Pole sturdiness was an issue for almost all of our selfie sticks except the Fugetek – FT-568. The Fugetek’s long 49-inch pole remained secure even when fully extended. Our testers appreciated the Fugetek’s tough handle and easy-to-use Bluetooth remote.

In addition to being a sturdy selfie stick for phones, this was also a good selfie stick for GoPros. The Fugetek allows you to screw in either a phone holder or GoPro mount to its end. Both the phone holder and GoPro mount passed our shake test with flying colors.

This selfie stick was the only one to hold the iPhone 6 Plus securely. Therefore, if you have a heavier phone such as an iPhone Plus, we recommend this tough selfie stick.

The Fugetek’s telescopic pole extends much farther than our other finalists. Fully extended, it is 49 inches. This allows the user to capture a larger group of people or more of the surrounding scenery.

This selfie stick’s main issue was portability. It collapses down to 18.5 inches. Our testers preferred selfie sticks that could collapse down to 10 inches or below. It also weighs about 5 ounces more than any of our other finalists. Our testers noticed this extra weight during use.

A carrying case was included with this selfie stick that allows the user to swing it over their shoulder. This helps make the Fugetek a bit more portable, but this selfie stick is overall harder to lug around than our other finalists.

Sturdiest Pick: Fugetek - FT-568

This selfie stick is highly recommended for those with heavier phones, such as the iPhone plus, because of its sturdy pole and phone holder. This large selfie stick can also be used easily with GoPros.

The Fugetek is a good quality selfie stick that comes for under $20. Its versatility and security make it a great selfie stick. However, this selfie stick is for people who don’t mind carrying around an 18.5-inch pole on their back. This inconvenience is probably justified for those with heavier phones, which are too heavy for smaller selfie sticks.

Editors note: We did not test the Fugetek with a DSLR camera.

Key takeaways:

  • Our most sturdy selfie stick, the Fugetek – FT-568 was the only selfie stick that could securely hold the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • The Fugetek’s Bluetooth remote is easy to use and pair with your device.
  • Fully extended, this selfie stick is a whopping 49 inches, meaning you will be able to capture more in your selfies.
  • The Fugetek’s main issue is portability. Even fully collapsed, this selfie stick is 18.5 inches and weighs 9 ounces.

Best for GoPros: Vicdozia – 19-Inch

Vicdozia with GoPro

While the Vicdozia – 19-Inch selfie stick does not work with phones, it is a great selfie stick for GoPros. Our testers loved the Vicdozia’s waterproof rubber handle and secure pole. This selfie stick passed our shake test easily, proving that it is tough enough to use during action shots.

When using a GoPro with a selfie stick there is no Bluetooth or wired compatibility, meaning you must manually click the GoPro’s record button to begin recording. This was no issue for our testers.

Best for GoPros: Vicdozia - 19-Inch

This selfie stick has an easy-to-grip rubber handle and sturdy pole, which means you can record action videos without worrying about damaging your GoPro.

The Vicdozia’s design is simple and effective. While it only extends to 19 inches, our testers found this to be a good length for recording videos. Also, because its pole is shorter, you get no bending or unnecessary weight.

The Vidozia collapses down to 7.25 inches and weighs only 5.3 ounces. It also comes with a carry string, making it very portable. You could tie this selfie stick on a backpack and set off biking, hiking and adventuring with no hassle.

We love the Vicdozia for GoPros because of its simplicity, sturdiness and portability. It proves that you can find a great GoPro selfie stick for under $15.

Key takeaways:

  • The best selfie stick for GoPros, the Vicdozia – 19-Inch is secure and portable.
  • While the Vicdozia only extends to 19 inches, our testers found this to be plenty long for their recording needs.
  • This selfie stick is highly portable, weighing only 5.3 ounces and packing down to 7.25 inches.
  • This selfie stick passed our shake test with flying colors, proving it is tough enough to use for action shots.

Other finalists we tested

Selfie sticks on wood background

Our testers found the Selfie World, Mpow and Anker were easy to set up, use and carry around. These three selfie stick are ideal for tourists and casual selfie stick users. However, these three selfie stick’s poles were of lesser quality than our winners.

The pole to handle connection on these three selfie sticks is not made for intense use and would likely break after a year or two. However, these selfie sticks will work fine if you are looking to use your selfie stick for vacations or a few times a month, as they offer outstanding portability and ease of use.

Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick

Our testers enjoyed the Selfie World’s easy setup and lightweight design. However, they noted this selfie stick’s materials were of a lower quality than our winners.

All of our testers commented on the poor durability of the selfie stick’s pole to handle connection. While this is not an issue for casual selfie stick users who do not plan on using their selfie stick daily, devoted bloggers may have to replace this selfie stick after a year or two.

The Selfie World did not make it far in the shake test for any device because of the quality of the handle. This selfie stick is not meant to be shaken intensely, especially when fully extended. This selfie stick would be able to withstand a slight bump caused by walking in a crowd, but is definitely not designed for action sports.

This selfie stick’s phone holder was also not secure enough to handle much shaking. Although this selfie stick can fully extend to 32 inches, our testers did not want to use it at its full length because the pole felt bendy.

The Selfie World was very simple to set up as it is a wired selfie stick. This means that if you have an iPhone 7 or later model you will need a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor for this selfie stick to work.

On the positive side, this selfie stick is extremely light and easy to carry. It weighs only 4.5 ounces and can pack down to 8 inches. The Selfie World is also cheap, costing under $15. However, we recommend spending about $5 more to get a more secure selfie stick that’s less likely to result in a cracked screen.

Mpow – iSnap X

The Mpow – iSnap X was very similar to the Selfie World. In fact our testers thought their telescopic poles looked identical. Like the Selfie World, our testers thought this selfie stick would work well for those who use selfie sticks for vacations or a few times a month. Those who plan to use their selfie sticks daily or for action sports should look for a higher quality selfie stick.

The Mpow was able to fully extend to 31.5 inches, but because of the bendiness of the pole our testers did not like to use it at its full length. This selfie stick also did not make it far during the shake test.

Unlike the Selfie World, the Mpow iSnap is Bluetooth compatible. The Mpow does not have a Bluetooth remote, but rather snaps pictures via a button on the handle. To charge the Mpow, you plug a charger into the base of the stick’s handle.

The Bluetooth was easy to pair, and we found that the selfie stick held its charge for over 24 hours of use. The Mpow was also very portable, collapsing to 7.1 inches and weighing only 5.6 ounces.

Because of its Bluetooth compatibility and lightweight design, the Mpow is a great selfie stick for tourists and casual selfie stick users. However like the Selfie World and Anker, we do not recommend this selfie stick if you plan to use this selfie stick daily as its pole to handle connection will likely have durability issues. A much better quality selfie stick can be purchased for just about $5 more.

Anker – Wired Monopod

Our testers appreciated the Anker – Wired Monopod’s ease of setup and secure phone holder. This is a simple, lightweight selfie stick that gets the job done. While the Anker’s phone holder was secure, it had a lower quality telescopic pole than our winners.

Like the Mpow and Selfie World, the Anker’s pole-to-handle connection was of lesser quality than our winners. Our testers thought that this connection could break over time with intense use. Because of the bendiness of the pole, our testers did not like using the Anker at its full length of 28.3 inches.

Because the Anker is a wired selfie stick, those with an iPhone 7 or later model will need to use a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor with this selfie stick. This selfie stick is very easy to set up and use straight out of the box.

The Anker is also extremely portable. It collapses to a tiny 7 inches, and weighs only 4.8 ounces. This portability makes it ideal for tourists wanting to snap a few shots. This selfie stick comes for only about $10, but is hampered by the quality of its pole and handle connection.

UBeesize – Extendable Monopod (Not Recommended)

Our first tester loved the UBeesize – Extendable Monopod. Initially this selfie stick performed well in our shake test, had an easy to pair Bluetooth remote that required no charging and had a great sophisticated look. It was only after taking hundreds of selfies and undergoing a rigorous shake test that the second tester discovered this selfie stick’s durability problem.

Unfortunately, this selfie stick became much more flimsy after a few hours of use. Its telescopic pole began to collapse on itself when a device was in the phone holder. This could be remedied by individually rotating each section of its telescopic pole. However, this was a pain and did not inspire confidence in the stick’s ability to hold the device. It was clear that the stability of the pole gradually degraded over the course of testing.

Our testers also had problems adjusting their phones in the UBeesize’s phone holder to face their desired angles. They found that in this regard the UBeesize had a better GoPro mount than phone holder. However, we do not recommend this selfie stick for GoPros because of its durability issues.

The UBeesize also came with a quality tripod, which could be used to set up your camera and take pictures with the Bluetooth remote from far away. The tripod performed well, but the flimsy pole made the whole system insecure.

The UBeesize has an impressive 31.9-inch length, which is rendered useless by the insecurity of the telescopic pole. It packs down to a nice 9 inches. Our testers had no issues with the selfie stick’s portability. While the UBeesize held promise, we recommend looking for a more durable selfie stick.

How we selected

We began our quest for the best selfie stick by looking up Amazon reviews. These reviews were used to find out which features are important to consumers, and to determine the leading selfie stick brands.

We also consulted subreddits such as r/selfiestick and ones for specific devices such as r/GooglePixel and r/GalaxyS7. Here, consumers discussed which selfie sticks had worked well with their specific devices. This research, combined with user reviews and brand reputation, was used to determine our seven selfie stick finalists.

How we tested

Woman and child taking a selfie

How many selfies does it take to determine the best selfie stick? Hundreds. We had three testers, each with a different device (iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 and iPhone 6 Plus), snap selfies in outdoor, indoor and action settings. We also had our testers use the GoPro compatible selfie sticks with a GoPro Hero.

Our testers also subjected each selfie stick to a shake test with increasing intensity (over a soft mattress of course) to determine the sturdiness of its hold on the device.

After the shake test and snapping multiple selfies in different environments, our testers filled out a performance questionnaire that asked them to rate each selfie stick’s ease of set up, portability, sturdiness and overall performance.

Ease of setup

None of our testers reported major frustrations with setup for our seven selfie-stick finalists. They found wired selfie sticks were the easiest to set up, as they only required the user to put a plug in the headphone jack and then place the phone in the holder.

The selfie sticks that came with Bluetooth remotes had to be charged. These remotes held their charge for multiple days of use. No testers had issues connecting their phones to the selfie stick’s Bluetooth.

The Fugetek and UBeesize – Extendable Monopod came with the phone holder and selfie pole disassembled because both allow for GoPro compatibility (which requires a different mount to be screwed in). Screwing on the phone holder was simple for both and required no tools. Ditto for the GoPro mount.


When it came to portability only one selfie stick stood out as a pain: the Fugetek – FT-568. This selfie stick weighs a whopping 9 ounces, which is noticeable when handling. All of the other selfie sticks weigh around 4-5 ounces. The Fugetek’s sturdy pole can extend to 49 inches, 17 inches longer than the next competitor.

This selfie stick is still large when collapsed. Folded down, the Fugetek is 18.5 inches. This is significantly longer than our other finalists, which folded down to around 7 inches. The Fugetek’s large collapsed size means it will not fit into a purse or pocket.

The Fugetek comes with a storage bag that can be thrown over one shoulder like a backpack. This bag makes it a little easier to lug around this very large selfie stick.


Sturdiest Pick: Fugetek - FT-568

The Fugetek’s pole extends to a whopping 49 inches and is still secure for devices. The Fugetek is strong enough even for heavier phones such as the iPhone Plus models.

While the Fugetek was a big loser for portability, it far outshined the competitors in sturdiness. Our testers ranked the Fugetek highest for the shake test, and commented particularly about the sturdiness of its pole.

Almost all of our other selfie sticks had some issues with pole sturdiness. Specifically, all of our testers complained about the flimsiness of the Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick, the Anker – Wired Monopod and the Mpow – iSnap X. All of these selfies sticks felt like the pole might eventually break from the handle.

During the shake test, these selfie sticks were too flexible and even dropped some phones. While these selfie sticks may be able to withstand a slight bump from a passerby, they are not meant to be whipped around willy-nilly. Our testers recommended not extending these selfie sticks to their full lengths for safer selfie taking.

Overall performance

After using the selfie sticks to take dozens of selfies in multiple settings, we asked our testers to rank their overall experience with each selfie stick. Testers ranked their experiences using a scale from one to five (one being very bad, five being very good). We averaged these scores to analyze how the overall performance of each selfie stick stood up.

The Yoozon, Fugetek and Vicdozia – 19-Inch ranked highest for overall performance with our testers. These three selfie sticks all received above-average ratings. In the middle of the pack were the Anker and Mpow selfie sticks, who both received average overall reviews. Finally, the UBeesize’s and Selfie World’s reviews ranked below average.

Important features to consider

Compatibility: When buying a selfie stick, it is very important to check if the selfie stick is compatible with your device. This is especially important for those with iPhone 7 and later models because these devices require a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor to work with wired selfie sticks. Wired selfie sticks require a headphone jack (which these phones lack) to operate.

Also, those looking for selfie sticks that are compatible with GoPros should make sure the required mount adapter is included.

Wired and wireless: Wired selfie sticks work by plugging into the headphone jack of your phone. This makes them reliable and foolproof to set up. These selfie sticks also do not require charging.

Wireless selfie sticks use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. The Bluetooth remotes that come with these type of selfie sticks require charging. However, these remotes can hold their charge for multiple days of use. Selfie sticks that have removable Bluetooth remotes are handy because they effectively extend your range, meaning you could snap your phone’s shutter even when not holding the selfie stick.

Portability and length: We found a healthy selfie-stick length to be around 30 inches when fully extended. If you have average-sized arms, this length should easily allow you to fit a group of people or background landscape into your selfies.

No one wants to carry around a giant stick all day, so the collapsible size of a selfie stick is also an important consideration. Our testers found that selfie sticks that fold down to 10 inches and under were easy to carry around.

Waterproof: If you plan to use your selfie stick for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding or similar activities, double-check that your selfie stick is waterproof. Most selfie sticks are not and will rust.

Aesthetics: While the social stigma of whipping out a selfie stick is gradually disappearing, we still would prefer our selfie stick to look respectable. Our testers preferred sleek, simple selfie sticks that would be less obtrusive in a crowd.

Price: A good quality selfie stick can be purchased in the neighborhood of $10-$22.

The bottom line

When it comes to selfie sticks, we want to serve looks, not crack screens. Pole sturdiness and portability separated the winners from the losers of our seven selfie stick finalists. The Yoozon successfully balanced portability and sturdiness, making it our overall winner. The Yoozon is a sleek, simple selfie stick for phones, and it’s Bluetooth compatible. It is a great selfie stick to travel with and sturdy enough for the needs of tourists or casual selfie takers.

If you are looking for increased sturdiness, we recommend the Fugetek – FT-568. This selfie stick was the only one to securely hold the iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, we recommend it for heavier devices. This selfie stick also works with GoPros and its telescopic handle is the longest and best quality of our finalists. However, the Fugetek lacks easy portability.

The Vicdozia – 19-Inch was our best selfie stick for GoPros because of its simple and tough design. This selfie stick will securely hold your GoPro. Its tough rubber handle and lightweight design mean that you will also have a great grip on this selfie stick — even when taking action shots.

Top Pick: Yoozon

The Yoozon successfully balanced easy portability with sturdiness. Its sleek, attractive design and Bluetooth remote were praised by our testers. This is a great pick for tourists.