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The 7 Best Leg Massagers


We tested the highest-rated leg massagers to find out which one is the best for relieving muscle pain, restless leg syndrome, and edema. We chose the Renpho – RF-ALM070 as the easiest to use and is the closest to feeling like the hand-kneading of a massage therapist. The best calf-foot massager is the Fit King – FT-009A. It gives you the sensation of a hand massage and has a rechargeable battery that allows for freedom of movement. For this 2023 update, we tested the new Fit King – FT-057A, which has a heat element and superb compression massage cycles.

Our Top Choices

Best Full-Leg Massager



Best Calf-Foot Massager

Fit King


Best Massager With Heat

Fit King


We tested the highest-rated leg massagers to find out which one is the best for relieving muscle pain, restless leg syndrome, and edema. We chose the Renpho – RF-ALM070 as the easiest to use and is the closest to feeling like the hand-kneading of a massage therapist. The best calf-foot massager is the Fit King – FT-009A. It gives you the sensation of a hand massage and has a rechargeable battery that allows for freedom of movement. For this 2023 update, we tested the new Fit King – FT-057A, which has a heat element and superb compression massage cycles.

Table of contents

The 7 leg massagers we tested

Renpho - RF-ALM070$$$Full leg4/55/5
Fit King - FT-009A$$$Calf/foot4/54/5
Fit King - FT-057A$$$Calf/foot5/55/5
Perfecore$$$Full leg3/52/5
MagicMakers$$$Full leg2/52/5
Amzdeal (Discontinued)$$Calf2/52/5

Full leg

Calf-foot and calves

Best full-leg massager: Renpho

The Renpho – RF-ALM070 was the best full-leg massager we tested and came the closest to feeling like an actual massage. It’s the one leg massager that’s praised across the board by seniors with edema, athletes, weightlifters and high-heel wearers.

The Renpho differs from the other two full-leg massagers we tested by having a separate wrap for thighs, which makes it much easier to get into. The wraps are made from a thin polyester-wrapped foam exterior and soft felt-like interior, which feels smooth against skin. Each wrap is clearly marked for right and left legs, as are the tubes that connect the wraps to the remote control.

The foot wrap has an insole for your heel, so you simply slide your foot in and attach the wrap with its strong Velcro. The calf wrap (attached to the foot wrap) is easy to wrap around, and unlike the others we tested, it can accommodate large calves without needing an extension. The separate thigh wrap can be secured around any section of your upper leg. Although the instructions are woefully unhelpful, after you wrap yourself once in the Renpho, it will take you less than 30 seconds — unassisted — to do it thereafter.

The Renpho’s remote has six massage modes: three for full leg and three for feet, calves and thighs, all with four levels of intensity. The modes can be changed any time during the massage, so you can start with full leg and then switch to just your thighs, or vice versa, work one muscle group then move to full leg.

Best For Full-Leg Massage: Renpho - RF-ALM070

The Renpho rhythmically inflates and deflates to simulate the hand-kneading of a massage therapist. It's also highly recommended by people suffering from foot and leg conditions.

The full-leg sequence begins by inflating the feet wraps, pauses, then inflates the calves, followed by the thighs. From there, it rhythmically inflates and deflates each of the wraps separately; the Renpho is the only leg massager we tested that did this. The other two full-leg modes inflate and deflate one wrap at a time, gradually increasing in strength.

The mode for manually selecting to focus on feet, calves or thighs initially squeezes the selected muscle group, increases in intensity, then rhythmically inflates and deflates. This action best simulated the hand-kneading of muscles when being massaged by a massage therapist.

We tested each of the four intensity levels and felt most comfortable at level 2, since level 4 inflates the wraps very tightly, especially around the calves. However, the tightness can be alleviated by slightly loosening the wrap.

The Renpho was the loudest of the massagers we tested; its buzz is reminiscent of an electric razor. Overall, it didn’t bother us, since it was such an effective leg massager. The Renpho easily folds up into a compact shape for storage or packing into a suitcase for travel.

Key takeaways:

  • The Renpho – RF-ALM070 is the only leg massager we tested that actually simulates the hand-kneading massage of a massage therapist.
  • It’s the easiest full-leg massager to get into and out of unassisted.
  • Six massage modes allow you to work your entire leg simultaneously or select one muscle group at a time.

Best calf-foot massager: Fit King

The Fit King – FT-009A is a calf and foot massager that has two massage modes: whole and sequence. The whole mode inflates calves and feet of both legs simultaneously to the highest level of intensity selected then immediately releases and deflates. The sequence mode inflates both calves, then both feet, then alternates every 18 seconds.

Although it doesn’t match Renpho’s quick, rhythmic massage, the Fit King feels methodical, as if a massage therapist were holding a muscle, releasing it and moving to another muscle, holding it and releasing it.

The Fit King has three air-pressure levels, and the highest level doesn’t feel too constrictive. However, during the sequence mode, the pressure feels less firm around the calves, even when the wrap is tightly secured.

Best For Calves and Feet Massage: Fit King - 009A

Fit King’s automatic programming alternates between feet and calves and feels like a massage therapist is holding and releasing individual muscles.

The Fit King comes with extensions for larger calves, a mesh storage bag, clear instructions and an adapter with an 8-foot cord. It’s similar in design to the Renpho, but it doesn’t have a thigh wrap. Your feet slide into the wrap’s insole, and then you attach the foot wraps and calf wraps with Velcro, creating a Space-Age boot. The massager’s foot wraps are sewn together, so if you have larger feet you’ll need to rip open the seams.

Fit King’s materials aren’t of the best quality: The outer wrap is an unpadded, metallic-colored fabric, and the inner wrap is thin polyester. The plastic clips that attach the compression hoses to the remote get stuck and, should you want to remove them, you’ll need a pair of pliers. This isn’t a major issue, however, because the Fit King folds up into a compact package, even with the hoses attached to the remote.

Key takeaways:

  • The Fit King calf and foot massager has a massage cycle that alternates between feet and calves and gives the sensation of a massage therapist holding and releasing each muscle.
  • It comes with two extension for larger calves.
  • The Fit King has three intensity levels, though we found the highest level to be too tight.

Best leg massager with heat: Fit King – FT-057A

Fit King - FT-057A leg massager

We tested Fit King’s new updated model, the Fit King – FT-057A, for this 2023 update and were impressed with its improvements. With almost all of the leg massagers we tested, we found the FT-057A to be the most user-friendly. Although you’re still all wired up and movement is limited, the FT-057A was very easy to put on and operate.

This Fit King model works the same as other leg massagers — using compression and release in a timed sequence — both testers felt that the compression in each mode was firmer than others we tested, and if you suffer from chilly feet and toes, the heat element is just strong enough to feel pleasantly toasty. 

Best Massager With Heat: Fit King - FT-057A

This updated model has excellent, very firm compression with a built-in heat device, and our testers found it effective for relieving chronic feet pain.

The FT-057A has three modes — sequence, circulation, and whole — that can be adjusted to minimum, middle, and maximum intensities. The whole mode inflates both the foot and calf sections simultaneously, then compresses four times, increasing in strength, before releasing and repeating the sequence.

The circulation mode focuses on the feet, again compressing four times and increasing in intensity. This mode would be excellent for anyone suffering from poor circulation, particularly when used at the maximum intensity level. You will definitely need to test out each intensity level for yourself because we were surprised that the minimum level was actually quite firm.

The sequence mode combines the circulation and whole modes, starting first with the feet then moving up to the calves. To be clear that the FT-057A doesn’t attempt to simulate a real human massage, so don’t expect it to have magic fingers that press into particular pressure points. It’s closer to the sensation of a blood pressure monitor, but of course, it’s continuous for as long as you need.

Fit King recommends not using the massager for more than 20 minutes at a time because the handheld controller can overheat. As with the Fit King – FT-009A, you also get Velcro extensions for accommodating larger calves and a mesh storage bag. The Fit King – FT-057A is about $10 more than our other two top choices, but with the gentle built-in heat element, we feel that it’s worth the extra.

Key takeaways:

  • The Fit King – FT-057A has superb compression and intensity levels in well-timed sequences that aid relief from pain and swelling.
  • The built-in heat element isn’t as strong as a heating pad, but its gentle heat does sooth chilly feet and toes.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than other leg massagers, but we feel this updated and improved model is worth it.

Perfecore – Full-Leg Massager

(Editor’s note: In 2023 we learned that the Perfecore company was out of business. However, the Perfecore leg massager is still available on Amazon.)

The Perfecore full-leg massager has an unusual configuration, and you’ll definitely need to follow the instruction manual’s diagrams to figure it out. All of the leg massagers we tested had two top and bottom plugs for connecting the compression hoses to the remote control. Perfecore has side-by-side connections as well, which alternate inflation/deflation between the right and left legs.

When the top-bottom connection is made, the massager inflates both legs simultaneously. You can then select a mode that is supposed to massage in a circular motion. When the side-by-side connection is made, the left and right sides inflate/deflate separately, and the manual states that  the second mode will massage in a circular motion, alternating between legs. An air compression massager simply doesn’t work like that, so it came as no surprise when we felt no circular motion.

The Perfecore had the highest intensity, and even at the low level inflation was too tight and uncomfortable. We also found the Perfecore difficult to get into: It took time and patience to Velcro together the many wraps into place.

Magic Makers – Full-Leg Massager

(Editor’s note: In 2023, we noticed that the Magic Makers massager has been rebranded as Evertone and now has limited availability on Amazon.)

Another full-leg massager, Magic Makers, just didn’t make any magic. Like the Perfecore, it was frustrating and time-consuming to wrap all the pieces around each leg. The Magic Makers remote has a clear LED display for selecting three massage modes: pressing (for full leg), kneading (for calf and thigh) and shiatsu (for feet). Since an air compression device only inflates and deflates, the Magic Makers fails to simulate the application of manual pressure on specific spots of a true shiatsu massage. It also doesn’t knead, like our top pick, Renpho, does; it simply inflates and deflates at intervals.

The Magic Makers has six intensity levels, the sixth being so tight that the wraps began coming undone. We tested all of its massage modes and noted that it doesn’t compress the calves as tightly as thighs and feet. One feature we did enjoy is Magic Makers’ heating element, which was soothing, especially when it’s programmed for massaging sore feet.

CINCOM – Air Compression Calf Wraps

The CINCOM calf wraps are marketed to people suffering from edema, but because the massage is localized to just the calves, it’s better for relieving sore muscles.

The CINCOM has two modes and three intensity levels. The whole-calf mode inflates and deflates both wraps simultaneously and then moves up and down each calf in 3-second intervals. The highest pressure level was very tight, so we found the medium level to give the closest sensation to a massage. The sequence mode is less effective: It inflates and deflates, alternating between the upper and lower calf, and it felt more irritating than soothing.

The CINCOM is lined with a velvety polyester, so it feels soft and non-irritating against bare skin. Like other calf wraps, the CINCOM has a 10-inch metallic bar that holds the wrap in place. The bar allows you to adjust the wrap’s tightness around your calf. This leads to problems with alternate uses. The CINCOM is also advertised as an arm and foot wrap, and the metallic bar immobilizes your arm like a splint, so it’s physically impossible to put on both wraps unassisted. It fails as a foot wrap as well, because the metal bar cuts into your ankle when the wrap inflates.

Amzdeal – S9001 (Discontinued)

The Amzdeal – S9001 Leg Compression Wraps are almost identical in appearance to the CINCOM wraps. It also has two modes and three levels of pressure intensity, the lowest of which is extremely tight. The Manual mode inflates both wraps at the same time, alternating between the inner and outer calf. The mysteriously labeled “P” (or automatic mode) alternates inflation and deflation between legs in 4-second intervals. However, we noticed no difference between the two modes.

The Amzdeal has the same 10-inch metal bar as the CINCOM, so if you’re by yourself, you can only use one at a time with your arm outstretched. As to using it for an upper-arm massage, it feels exactly like having your blood pressure checked, which is not our idea of comfort. The Amzdeal is sold as a “leg beauty” massager. We can’t surmise how it might beautify your legs, but as a leg massager to relieve muscle stress, we recommend our top pick or runner-up instead.

How we selected

As we researched leg massagers, we learned from reading Amazon reviews, RZeddit threads and medical articles that the vast majority of people who use leg massagers are seeking relief from muscle strain, restless leg syndrome and — most frequently — edema. Before deciding which leg massagers we would test, we spoke with licensed massage therapist Vincent Bennett.

He’s worked with many people who suffer from edema, the treatment for which is a massage technique that gently pushes accumulated fluid in the feet and ankles upwards toward the heart.

Vincent explained “I usually try one or two conventional massage sessions to see if the person gets relief. If not, then the person more than likely requires medical attention.” He thinks the new at-home compression devices are fantastic, and they can alleviate a person’s pain, but Vincent also emphasizes that an air-compression leg massager should be used in conjunction with a doctor’s care and not as a stand-alone treatment.

With this in mind, we looked for at-home air-compression leg massagers that were most often recommended by people suffering from edema. There are three types of air-compression leg massagers: full-leg, calf and calf-foot. Other massagers focus more on the feet, which we tested and reviewed in our article about the best foot massager.

We chose to test three leg massagers and two calf-foot massagers that had unique features, such as a rechargeable battery or a heating function. Calf massagers are better suited to easing muscle aches, and we chose two of the highest-rated to test.

How we tested

We’ve reviewed many self-massaging tools that work different muscle groups, such as neck and shoulder massagersback massagershandheld massagers, foam rollers and percussive massage guns.

However, we’d never used a leg massager before, so it was important to fully read the instruction manual for each product. Across the board, instructions were minimalist, to say the least: Basically, wrap leg, plug in and push the power button. We also consulted the manufacturer websites. In each case, the instructions online were exactly the same as the printed instructions.

Once we experimented a couple of times with wrapping the massagers around our legs, we got the hang of it; but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was easy. Each section of a full-leg massager has its own inflation cuff, so they all need to be attached individually around the foot, calf, knee and thigh with a Velcro flap.

The Renpho was the easiest to get into since the thigh wrap is separate from the calf and foot wraps. The other two full-leg massagers — both of which have four or five connected pieces — took at least 15 minutes to apply. An elderly person or someone with arthritis would definitely need assistance in getting into these massagers. The calf-foot massagers have one less wrap, and the calf massagers only have a single wrap, so these weren’t as difficult to put on.

All of the massagers we tested had at least two massage modes and three levels of pressure intensity. Once we Velcroed ourselves in, we went through each massage mode and each level of intensity and recorded how they felt and how long they took to inflate and deflate.

Most importantly, we evaluated whether each leg massager actually felt like a massage. Only the Renpho full-leg massager and the Fit King calf-foot massager simulated the hand-kneading of a massage therapist.

How does a leg massager work?

Until recently the only other relief an edema sufferer had was with an intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device in a hospital or an expensive lymphedema pump at home.

All air-compression leg-massage devices have adjustable cuffs for the particular part of the body you want to work. A full-leg massager has cuffs for feet, calves and thighs. The cuffs are wrapped around your leg and secured with a Velcro flap. The main cuff (for a full-leg massager it’s the thigh wrap) has a rubber hose three feet in length, bisected at the ends, that connects to the remote control.

When a massage mode is selected on the remote, the cuffs fill with air (individually or simultaneously, depending on your selection), tightening the cuff around the leg muscles. The pressure is held for a few seconds, then it will either deflate or tighten more, again depending on which massage mode and intensity level you’ve selected. The repetitive action of tightening and releasing helps relieve pain and muscle tension as well as improve circulation.

Important features to consider

Open-toe foot wrap: We don’t all have the same size feet, so the foot-wrap section of the leg massager should have an open toe rather than a closed toe. The open toe allows you to wrap your entire foot comfortably without having to jam your toes into a pointed tip.

Separate thigh wrap: Often the three wraps of a full-leg massager are connected to another wrap for the knee. This type of design is very difficult to put on unassisted, since the knee wrap, which does not inflate, gets twisted around the thigh wrap. Look for a leg massager that has a separate thigh wrap, like our top pick, the Renpho. This style allows you to attach the thigh wraps without their getting tangled in the knee and calf wraps.

Rechargeable battery: All leg massagers are powered by an adapter that plugs into the remote control. All of the adapters had a 5-foot power cord, but leg massagers with a rechargeable battery allow you to move freely without being bound to an electrical outlet.

Clearly marked remote control: Leg massagers are not intuitive devices; you need to experiment before finding the mode and intensity that are right for you. Most of the remote controls for the leg massagers we tested had confusing or insufficient designation. The Renpho, again, was a clear winner. Each massage mode and intensity level had a separate mark on the remote control.

The bottom line

At-home air-compression massage devices can give you relief from continual leg pain and swelling from edema. They’re relatively new, and overall, they look alike. Except for our two top picks, this type of leg massager doesn’t really give you a massage; it feels more like having your entire leg encased in a blood-pressure-monitor cuff.

However, the Renpho – RF-ALM070 is our pick as the best leg massager because its massage programming rhythmically pulsates up and down your legs and gives you the sensation of a hands-on massage by a massage therapist.

The best calf-foot massager is Fit King – FT-009A, which has a massage mode that alternates between the upper and lower muscles of calves and feet. It also has a remote control with a rechargeable battery that holds its charge for two hours and gives you plenty of time for several massage sessions.

For this 2023 update, we also recommend the Fit King – FT-057A. It has the strongest compression of the other leg massagers we tested, and the built-in heat component is gently soothing for chilly or tired feet.

Best Leg Massager Overall: Renpho - RF-ALM070

The Renpho is the easiest full-leg massager to get into and out of unassisted. Its six massage modes allow you to work your entire leg simultaneously or select one muscle group at a time.

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