Gene Gerrard


Gene has written about a wide variety of topics for too many years to count. He's been a professional chef, cooking-appliance demonstrator, playwright, director, editor of accountancy and bank-rating books, Houdini expert and dog lover (still is). When he's not writing for Your Best Digs, he's performing as a magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Gene has written about a wide variety of topics for too many years to count. He's been a professional chef, cooking-appliance demonstrator, playwright, director, editor of accountancy and bank-rating books, Houdini expert and dog lover (still is). When he's not writing for Your Best Digs, he's performing as a magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Gene's articles

  • 9 best small coolers
    The 9 Best Small Coolers

    Igloo - Playmate 30 Can

    We tested nine of the most popular small coolers and can recommend three as the best cooler for keeping beverages and food cold all day. The best hard-sided cooler is unquestionably the Igloo – Playmate. Its unique tent-top design lets you pack beverages standing up, and its gasket-sealed lid keeps everything inside icy cold. If […]

  • best dog shedding brushes
    The 8 Best Dog Shedding Brushes

    Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush

    We tested eight highly rated dog brushes for deshedding on long- and short-haired canines, and after two weeks of dog grooming, we’ve selected the Hertzko – Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush as the best overall for removing shedding hair. If you have a dog with a thick coat and long hair, we recommend the FURminator – Grooming […]

  • mops for laminate floors
    The 7 Best Mops For Laminate Floors

    O-Cedar ProMist MAX

    We tested seven highly rated mops for laminate floors to determine which one was the easiest to use, maneuvered around corners and baseboards, and cleaned the floor without leaving any streaks. We've selected O-Cedar ProMist Max as the best mop for laminate floors. It only takes one hand to glide it around the floor and has a unique mop head that can be flipped when the pad gets dirty. A very close second place is Turbo Mop.

  • best mops for hardwood floors
    The 9 Best Mops For Hardwood Floors

    Rubbermaid - Reveal Spray Mop

    We tested nine mops for hardwood floors to determine which ones were the easiest to use and the most effective in cleaning and selected the Rubbermaid - Reveal Spray Floor Mop. We also love the O-Cedar - ProMist Max, which has excellent maneuverability and a unique flip mop-head that lets you switch to the clean side of the microfiber pad when one side gets dirty.

  • best vacuum storage bags
    The 7 Best Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes


    We tested seven highly rated vacuum storage bags to determine which one held its airtight seal and was the easiest to use. The best overall vacuum storage bag is Spacesaver, the original vacuum sealed bag. Its efficient hand pump proved just as effective as a vacuum cleaner, and the bag remained completely sealed during our […]

  • best cell phone stands
    The 7 Best Phone Stands for Desks


    We tested seven of the most popular cell phone stands and determined that the sturdy APPS2Car model provided the most stability and accessibility to angle adjustments. We also recommend the OMOTON C2, an attractive brushed aluminum stand that won’t tip over, even when the phone is in a horizontal position. For the frequent traveler, the […]

  • best keyboard wrist rests
    The 7 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

    HyperX - HX-WR

    We tested seven highly rated keyboard wrist rests to find the best ones that provide the most support and comfort. We’ve determined that the HyperX Wrist Rest eliminated strain from all-day typing at a laptop and stayed cool and sweat-free. We also recommend Gimars Laptop and Mouse Rests for their flexibility and cushy memory foam […]

  • best pet hair removers
    The 9 Best Pet Hair Removers

    DELOMO - Pet Hair Roller

    We researched dozens of pet hair removal products and tested nine different types of removers to determine whether they really do pick up every last hair left behind by our furry friends. We’ve selected the DELOMO – Pet Hair Remover Roller as the best overall for lifting and gathering pet hair for easy disposal. Another […]

  • best no pull dog harnesses
    The 7 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses

    Auroth - Tactical Dog Harness

    We tested seven highly rated no-pull dog harnesses and determined that the Auroth – Tactical Dog Harness is the best dog harness for ensuring that you and your pup enjoy a safe and comfortable walk. A close runner-up is the PetSafe – Easy Walk, a harness equipped with a martingale leash loop that virtually guarantees […]

  • Plush Paws - back seat protector
    The 9 Best Back Seat Covers For Dogs

    Plush Paws Products

    We spent weeks testing nine highly rated car back-seat covers by having two active dogs jump in and out of an SUV and drove the pooches around town to determine how durable the covers were to claws and paws. We selected the premium Plush Paws Products as the best back-seat cover for protecting your car […]

  • best expandable garden hoses
    The 11 Best Expandable Garden Hoses

    Joey's Garden Expandable Hose

    For this 2023 update, we tested four different expandable hoses to compare with our previous top picks that we learned had been discontinued. Our new top pick is the zero-G hose. Although it is not marketed as an expandable hose, since it inflates when filled and deflates when emptied, it’s exceptionally well-made, lightweight, almost indestructible, […]

  • the best himalayan salt lamps
    The 7 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

    The Body Source

    We researched and tested seven Himalayan salt lamps and selected The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp as the best for a large room. Standing at 12-inches tall, and weighing in at 12 pounds, this beautiful lamp glows a warm orange-red and makes a visual statement. If your home has an ultra-modern decor, then consider the […]

  • clock next to a vacuum
    How Often Should You Vacuum?


    Cleaning and health experts recommend that frequent vacuuming is good for both body and mind, and these simple guidelines to you how often you should vacuum.

  • putting a hand through the Dyson TP01
    How Do Bladeless Fans Work?


    Bladeless fans have a futuristic design that might make you think it has complex technology. But how a bladeless fan works is actually simple.

  • Dyson TP01 bladeless fan
    Dyson – TP01 Fan & Air Purifier Review

    Dyson - TP01

    We tested the new Dyson - TP01 air multiplier to see how it compared with our top pick for tower fans. The Dyson - TP01 is an amazing feat of engineering, but we still prefer the much cheaper Seville Classics - UltraSlimline tower fan.

  • testing the best massage tools
    The 12 Best Massage Tools

    PureWave - CM7

    We’ve tested dozens of devices for massaging virtually every part of the body at home, and here are our recommendations for the best massage tools.

  • Bike Size Chart: What Size Bike Do I Need?


    Before researching which bike to buy, you need to know what’s the right size bike for you. A properly sized bike will perform as you want it and be easier and more comfortable to handle. It’s always better to try out a bike in person at a bike shop, where you can also have it […]

  • pumping up a bike tire
    How to Pump Bike Tires


    All bike tires slowly leak air every day. Even if you’re an occasional rider, and you only take your bike down from the bike rack once a week, the tire pressure will still decrease. Before you ride, you should always check your tires’ PSI and, if needed, inflate them with a floor bike pump or […]

  • How to Clean Bike Chains


    Cleaning your bike's chain is an essential part of bike maintenance. It's easy to do, and our step-by-step guide shows you how.

  • The 9 Best Infrared Thermometers

    ennoLogic - eT650D

    We tested seven of the most popular infrared thermometers and selected the ennoLogic - eT650D as the most accurate for home and professional use. We also chose the equally accurate Etekcity - Lasergrip 630 as our budget pick.

  • The Best Bike Racks

    Delta Cycle - Michelangelo

    We installed and tested seven popular bike racks and chose the Delta Cycle - Michelangelo as the best bike rack for an apartment, the Ibera as the best horizontal bike rack and the Racor - B-R1 as the best vertical bike rack.

  • group of the best massage guns
    The Best Massage Guns

    No Cry Cordless

    We tested the five best percussive massage guns to determine which one gives the most relief to muscle strain and minor injury. We selected the No Cry - Cordless because of its ergonomic design and the Exerscribe - VYBE as a much less expensive Theragun alternative.

  • The best bike helmets
    The Best Bike Helmets

    Specialized - Echelon II

    We rode for miles to test the highest-rated bike helmets and selected the Specialized - Echelon II as the best road helmet and the Thousand - Anti-Theft as the best commuter helmet.

  • The 8 Best Handheld Massagers

    Pado - PureWave - CM-07

    We tested eight highly rated handheld massagers to determine which one was the best for relieving localized muscle strain and selected the Pado - PureWave - CM07 as the most versatile. For our budget pick, we chose the Renpho - EM2016C.

  • The 7 Best Leg Massagers

    Renpho - RF-ALM070

    We tested leg massagers to find out which one is the best for relieving muscle pain, restless leg syndrome and edema. We chose the Renpho - RF-ALM070 as the best full-leg massager and the KonliKing as the best calf-foot massager.

  • The Best Back Massagers

    NURSAL - Massage Seat Cushion

    We consulted with a massage therapist and then tested nine back massagers. We chose the NURSAL - Massage Seat Cushion as the best back massager overall, the Mynt - Shiatsu Massage Pillow as the most portable back massager and the Pado - PureWave as the best handheld back massager.

  • The Best Laptop Messenger Bags

    Timbuk2 - Classic Messenger Bag

    We tested the highest-rated laptop messenger bags to find out which one is the most durable, has the roomiest interior and is the most comfortable to haul on your shoulders all day. We’ve chosen the Timbuk2 - Classic Messenger Bag as the best laptop messenger bag because of its smart, utilitarian design and spacious interior. Our runner-up, the CoolBELL - Convertible Messenger Bag, has a cushioned laptop pocket and hidden straps that convert it into a backpack.

  • The Best Men’s Boxer Briefs

    David Archy

    We tested name brands and lesser-known brands for comfort and durability and have chosen David Archy as the best men’s boxer briefs. For our premium pick, we've selected Mack Weldon - 18 Hour Jersey boxer briefs.

  • The Best Men’s Dress Socks

    Easton Marlowe

    We’ve selected some of the best men’s dress socks that will upgrade your wardrobe. Easton Marlowe appeals to both conservative and wild tastes, and the best dress socks for the value are Alpine Swiss.

  • The Best Men’s Hair Gels

    Johnny B - Mode

    We tested the most popular men’s hair gel to determine which one has the most holding power and flexibility on all hair types. We selected Johnny B - Mode as the best men's hair gel for versatility in styling and Gentlemen Republic - Refined as the best value for men's hair gel.

  • The Best Men’s Hair Products

    American Crew - Defining Paste

    There’s a dizzying array of men’s hair products on the market, but finding the one that works best for you can be a frustrating and expensive trial-and-error experience. We experimented with a wide range of men’s hair products and determined that American Crew – Fiber will give your hair body and control with a salon […]

  • The Best Flip Chairs

    Your Zone Bed

    We tested the highest rated and most popular flip chairs and selected Your Zone Bed as the best flip chair. It's the most comfortable and easiest to convert from a living room chair to a bed for overnight guests.

  • The Best Sit-Up Pillows


    We tested sit-up pillows and selected Linenspa as the best sit-up pillow for providing full-back support and cushy comfort in bed or on a sofa.