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The 7 Best Travel Jewelry Cases & Organizers

Traveling with jewelry can be a bit of a hassle and finding a jewelry travel case can be specific to the variety of your collection and needs. Over two months, we tested seven travel jewelry organizers during several short and long trips in both carry-on and checked-in luggage. We chose the Becko – Jewelry Roll as our top pick because it can carry a lot of jewelry safely, is still relatively small, and is affordable.

If you want to upgrade to a luxurious leather case, we like the Away – Jewelry case because it’s small and compact, durable, and has a thoughtful design to keep jewelry pieces safe during transportation. For jewelry lovers with lots of variety in their collection, we liked the Bagsmart – Hanging Jewelry Roll because it has a lot of room to bring your whole collection and comes with a hanger for easy set-up during vacations.

Our Top Choices

Best overall

Becko – Jewelry Roll

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Upgrade pick

Away – The Jewelry Box

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Best for longer trips

Bagsmart – Hanging Jewelry Roll

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The 7 travel jewelry cases we tested

ProductPriceSizeTypeBuild QualityJewelry ProtectionEase of UseAvg. Rating
Becko$$5.91" x 8.1" x 0.8"Roll9/1010/1010/109.6/10
Away$$$$4.3" x 4.1" x 2"Box10/109/109/109.3/10
Bagsmart$$7.87" x 9.84" x 1.57"Hanging Roll7/108/109/108/10
Hiscow$$$5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"Box7/107/106/106.6/10
Case Elegance$$$8.5” x 5.51” x 2.52”Box7/105/106/106/10
KElofoN$4” x 3.9” x 2”Box4/105/105/104.6/10
Rownyeon$$8.85” x 5.5” x 1”Roll2/105/105/104/10

Important features to consider

Fine jewelers and gem industry professionals recommend keeping jewelry in a cool, dry place–preferably away from direct sunlight. In addition, jewelry should be stored separately to prevent damage and tangling during transportation.

It’s advised to use organizers and cases lined with soft fabric, so it’s more gentle on the jewelry. Even if your collections largely consist of costume jewelry, it’s still important to store them properly to prevent damage and prolong the life of the pieces. Keeping these parameters in mind, we took these essential features in mind when choosing travel jewelry cases:


Portable jewelry organizers come in different shapes and varieties. For example, hardshell jewelry boxes keep their shape, roll or folder organizers can hold many pieces and don’t take up too much room in your luggage or travel purses, and hanging cases keep your bathroom less cluttered.


Professionals recommend using jewelry organizers lined with soft and gentle fabrics. Based on price point, this can range from artificial suede and polyester fabrics to velvet and genuine leather. Some cases also have compartments made of plastic for visibility. While the outer shell isn’t as important as the lining, they do not recommend using wood because it can cause moisture build up on your jewelry.

Size & number of compartments

Not all jewelry travel cases have sections for each type of jewelry piece. The size and number of compartments depend on the amount and types of jewelry you want to store and transport. Most jewelry travel organizers have a mix of compartments that store necklaces, earrings, rings, and other pieces.

If you must have item-specific sections, it can dictate the organizer’s shape, design, and style. For example, jewelry folders or rolls have more space for storing necklaces since they can be longer. We would recommend trying to find jewelry cases that have more earring panels if you have a large collection of earrings.


The good thing about jewelry travel cases is that they come in various price points. Artificial or vegan leather and polyester fabric-lined cases often come with lower prices. On the other hand, you may need to spend more money on softer and finer materials if you want genuine leather. We found organizers under $100. On average, most travel cases were around $30.

How we selected & tested:

We reviewed five different options of jewelry travel cases of different styles, sizes, and materials under $90. After testing each organizer during a series of trips across the country in our carry-on and check-in luggage, we critiqued their sturdiness, ease of use, and if they kept our pieces safe during transportation.


Becko – Jewelry Roll

Becko jewelry organizer roll

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The Becko – Jewelry roll is our top choice because of its affordable price, ample room for all types of jewelry, and carefully thought-out design to keep our valuable goods safe during travel. This jewelry roll comes in five colors with two lining colors, is made of faux leather and suede, and measures to 5.91″ x 8.1″ x 0.8″.

If you have an extensive jewelry collection or just want to bring a lot of different options for a vacation, the Becko jewelry roll is the best option. It has a large capacity and can fit seven necklaces with anti-tangling bands and pockets, two panels for 16 pairs of earrings, a padded ring cord for over a dozen earrings, and a detachable pouch for other accessories. Measuring about eight inches by six inches and less than an inch thick, this organizer doesn’t take up too much room in your luggage.Read more…

What we love the most about the Becko jewelry roll is the added protection from the two side flaps that cover the necklaces and the pockets for the earring panels. This means that none of your jewelry touches other pieces and prevents damage. The only issue with this case was that the ring organizer only unlatches from one side. It’s relatively long and holds more than a dozen rings, so you may need to move rings on and off occasionally to reach rings on the closed end of the soft bar. However, this is a minor issue and wasn’t too much of a burden during our trip. For under $25, we think this is the best option for any traveler who wants to keep their pieces safe without taking up too much room.


Away – The Jewelry Box

Away jewelry box

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We chose the Away – Jewelry Box as an upgrade pick for its luxuriously soft leather case, thoughtful design, and compact size (4.3″ x 4.1″ x 2″). This small but mighty jewelry case is the perfect size for any trip because it fits at least three necklaces, multiple bracelets, multiple rings, chunkier jewelry in the center, and four pairs of earrings and room to spare. We also liked that the ring cord and earring panels are interchangeable based on your organization needs.

The build of this jewelry case sets it apart from other brands we tested because it’s so well-made and durable. For example, the cord for rings is fully padded and keeps the rings more secure, unlike other jewelry cases where padding stopped short of more than half an inch from either side of the snaps.Read more…

The only critique we have is the tight fit on the earring panel; There needs to be more slack on the panel to prevent the backings from pushing off. You can bend the panel slightly to help alleviate the pressure, though. We do, however, like that the panel can fit leverback earrings due to the short distance between the holes and the sides, a feature many other jewelry cases could not manage.

The durable structure prevents the case from collapsing even when stuffed into checked-in luggage. We tested other cases that fell flat during transportation and risked more damage to the pieces. However, at $85, this was our most expensive case, and it’s worth it if you want a higher-end case that will protect your jewelry.


Bagsmart – Hanging Jewelry Roll

Bagsmart hanging jewelry roll

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If you are looking for a case to organize your jewelry for extended periods and have a large collection, the Bagsmart – Hanging Jewelry Roll could be a good solution. This organizer offers so much room to hold your jewelry: 20 pairs of earrings, six necklaces, four separate ring bands for about 20 rings, and additional pockets for other accessories. It’s the biggest organizer we tested at 7.87″ x 9.84″ x 1.57″.

This organizer is a hanging jewelry roll, so it can lay flat on the counter and hang on a rack or doorknob for easy access. It’s the biggest jewelry organizer we tested and didn’t necessarily make sense for shorter weekend trips, but it works for long-term storage or week-long trips. The Bagsmart is made of a soft velvet material lined with a thinner black fabric inside.Read more…

One feature that stood out was elastics for longer hanging earrings–this helped keep them in place and prevented them from tangling. This also extends to the necklace section, where each necklace has elastics and a pocket to keep them in place. The various clear pockets also help keep other accessories like watches, bracelets, or pendants safe. At under $25, this is an affordable option to keep your jewelry safe with plenty of room for different accessories.


Hiscow – Jewelry Box

Hiscow jewelry organizer box

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At 5.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″, the Hiscowe – Jewelry Box is relatively small and compact. While this might be a good option for carry-ons and weekend trips, we thought this jewelry box was on the expensive end for its quality and layout. Ten slots are available for rings or earrings, ten additional earring stud holders, and one pouch with inserts for 14 thin bracelets and necklaces. In reality, we could put ten thin rings or earrings, eight stud earrings, and six super thin necklaces or bracelets.

Like other jewelry boxes, we couldn’t use this case for looped earrings due to the size restrictions, but we could use leverback earrings between the slots. There are two inserts to add 14 necklaces and chains; however, the pouch is so small we couldn’t imagine stuffing both panels without causing damage or tangling to the chains. When you close the case, it smashes the top of the rings with the lid.Read more…

The material is made of vegan leather, a much softer alternative than other jewelry box containers we’ve tested; However, we couldn’t justify spending over $35 for these minimal upgrades. We appreciate that the Hiscowe jewelry box has a 12-month warranty, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it. We wouldn’t recommend this case because you are limited by the amount of jewelry it can hold.


Case Elegance – Jewelry Travel Case (not recommended)

Case Elegance jewelry organizer

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We had high hopes for the Case Elegance – Jewelry Travel Case (8.5” x 5.51” x 2.52”) because of its genuine leather material. However, we quickly noticed many potential issues as soon as we added jewelry to this case.

For almost $50, the Case Elegance jewelry case is one of the few authentic leather organizers that we tested. Unfortunately, we didn’t love the awkward layout and lack of security for some of our pieces. For example, the earring panel next to the necklace section meant chunkier necklaces could hit earrings, or hanging earrings could tangle delicate necklaces.Read more…

While it’s great to have a removable pouch for on-the-go needs, the single clasp doesn’t secure the pouch inside and moves around while traveling. In addition, since there is no soft lining protecting both sides of the case besides the insecure pouch, some of the earrings and rings would make contact when closed.

Another issue was the lack of structure. We liked the solid and luxurious feel of the leather, but the sides and zipper were fabric, so it collapsed in the luggage. The lack of structure could cause damage if you have delicate pieces. We didn’t think this was worth the higher price for genuine leather and would go with a cheaper alternative like the Becko jewelry roll.


KElofoN – Travel Jewelry Case (not recommended)

KElofoN jewelry case

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The KElofoN – Travel Jewelry Case (4” x 3.9” x 2”) is one of the most popular choices for traveling organizers on Amazon, but we were disappointed when we used it during a trip. We wouldn’t recommend this organizer because it didn’t meet any of the needs we needed for keeping our valuables safe during our travels.

For example, the premade holes for the earrings were too large, some of the studs went through, and fish hook earrings fell through during travel. Also, like other cases, hoop and leverback earrings couldn’t fit in the earring panels because the holes were too far from the sides. We also found that our larger rings hit the surface of earrings as you close the case–this causes scratches on the jewelry.Read more…

While we like the removable sections for chunkier jewelry like watches or bracelets, there’s no protection for the accessories from the earrings or mirror. Lastly, the necklace latches are foldable, but depending on the thickness of your jewelry, they may fall out because it’s not secure. There is a single pocket to tuck in the necklaces or pendants. But since these are not separated like the Becko or Away cases, they tend to tangle. Even though this is an affordable case, we would spend a little more money on a case that will protect your jewelry in the long run.


Rownyeon – Jewelry Organizer Bag (not recommended)

Rownyeon jewelry organizer

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We wouldn’t recommend purchasing the Rownyeon – Jewelry Organizer Bag because the material feels cheap and doesn’t provide much protection from damage. While affordably priced, we didn’t feel safe putting our valuables in this folding organizer (8.85” x 5.5” x 1”).

For example, the necklace latches felt flimsy and weren’t the right length to appropriately hold our necklaces without tangling–they were either too long to fit chokers properly or too short to hold chunky necklaces. Likewise, the padded ring organizer is slightly too big for rings that are smaller in width. And the pocket for other accessories like watches or bracelets was too tight to fit. If you want a cheaper alternative for your jewelry, we recommend other jewelry cases like the Becko jewelry roll that is similar and offers better protection and organization.