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The Best Bikini Trimmers

When it comes to trimming and shaving the delicate bikini area, gentle grooming tools are key — especially for those with sensitive skin. With the help of tender-skinned, irritation-prone testers, we tried out eight of the highest-rated bikini trimmers and bikini razors on the market and selected three standout performers.

Our Top Choices

Best for Sensitive Skin

Philips Norelco




Precision Styler

Best Bikini Razor



When it comes to trimming and shaving the delicate bikini area, gentle grooming tools are key — especially for those with sensitive skin. With the help of tender-skinned, irritation-prone testers, we tried out eight of the highest-rated bikini trimmers and bikini razors on the market and selected three standout performers.

The Philips Norelco – GoStyler, a men’s body trimmer with an easy-to-maneuver body and small trimmer head, turned out to be ideal for the bikini area. Our runner-up was the Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, a women’s trimmer that cuts hair effortlessly and also wins points for its light, ergonomic design. The Gillette – Mach3 Men’s Razor, another men’s tool, won in the best bikini razor category for its narrow head and extra-close yet gentle shave.

Table of contents

How we selected products to test

We kicked off our research with a visit to Amazon to find out which bikini trimmers and razors were rated the highest by users and why. Then we compiled a list of the features most sought after by women in a trimmer or razor.

Reading through subreddits, trusted product review sites and Amazon customer reviews helped pinpoint the problems faced by users with sensitive skin, as well as the tools they’d personally tried that had provided the smoothest trim or shave with the least irritation.

Given the volume of discussion surrounding how to minimize irritation while trimming and shaving sensitive skin, we decided to dedicate a separate category to the best bikini trimmers and razors for sensitive skin. We also consulted with cosmetologist and skincare expert Sabrina Orchid about her trimming and shaving best practices, and how to avoid irritation.

Once we were fully educated and up to speed on bikini hair removal, we selected five trimmers (three of them designed especially for sensitive skin) and three razors that boasted high customer ratings on Amazon and checked the boxes of our desired features: affordable tools that were easy to hold and maneuver and delivered a quick, close yet gentle shave or trim with minimal nicks or irritation.

Are men’s grooming products better?

While researching women’s bikini trimmers and razors, it was impossible to ignore the number of men’s grooming tools that had received high ratings from women for delivering a smooth, nick-free trim or shave specifically in the bikini area. These products often outranked women’s trimmers and razors designed especially for the pubic area.

This observation begged the inevitable question: Do men’s grooming products deliver a higher quality trim/shave than women’s products? (Spoiler: The answer is yes, according to our tests. Scroll down to see our testing results.) Consumer Reports even noted in their Electric Razor Buying Guide that they’ve chosen not to test any women’s models because they had performed relatively poorly in trials — but that there was no reason why women couldn’t use men’s shavers (insert side-eye here).

According to a study published in 2015 by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, women pay an average of 13 percent more than men for equivalent personal care products and an average of 11 percent more for women’s razor cartridges than men’s cartridges. This phenomenon, dubbed the Pink Tax, has stirred up a good amount of outrage.

A quick search online unearthed long and heated subreddit discussions regarding the superiority of men’s grooming products over women’s — often for a fraction of the price. This was also a recurring theme in Amazon customer reviews of men’s body hair trimmers and razors, in which women often raved about how much better the product in question had performed in comparison to those specifically designed for women.

Women’s brands clearly have some catching up to do when it comes to bikini trimmers and razors. In the meantime, we decided to include three highly rated men’s trimmers and razors (which also passed our testing criteria with flying colors) in our pool of contenders.

Compare the best bikini trimmers and razors

Bikini trimmers

ProductPriceTypeOverall Performance
1. Philips Norelco - GoStyler$19.95Battery-powered☆☆☆☆☆
2. Veet - Precision Beauty Styler$21.03Battery-powered☆☆☆☆
3. Maswater - HT1300$13.95Battery-powered☆☆☆☆
4. Panasonic - ES246AC$16.00Rechargeable☆☆☆
5. Panasonic - ER-GK60-S$59.99Battery-powered☆☆

Bikini razors

ProductPriceTypeOverall Performance
1. Gillette - Mach3$7.95Cartridge☆☆☆☆☆
2. Schick - Hydro Silk$18.99Cartridge☆☆☆
2. Philips - BRL140/50$37.09Rechargeable☆☆

Bikini trimmers vs. bikini razors

Bikini trimmers

Because trimmers cut hair above the skin, without the blade actually coming in contact with the skin, they’re a great choice for women with sensitive skin. There’s no razor burn to worry about, a smaller chance of irritation or ingrown hairs and virtually zero chance of cutting yourself. With trimmers, women can keep the bikini region neat and groomed without shaving everything off. However, though you can usually choose a hair length setting, you’ll never be able to cut your hair as close as you can with a razor.

Bikini razors

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on the two types of razors best suited for the sensitive bikini area: cartridge razors and electric foil shavers.

Cartridge razors come in 3-blade, 5-blade and even 7-blade varieties, and the number of blades you choose comes down to personal preference. Some razor users claim that less blades scraping the skin equals less irritation; others say that razors with more blades reduce the number of swipes required for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Cartridge razors are a good choice for women who want a close, baby-smooth shave.

The “foil” in the head of an electric foil shaver is a thin, perforated sheet of metal covering the razor itself where hairs enter the shaver and are cut by the oscillating blades underneath. Because only the foil comes in contact with the skin — never the actual blades — electric foil shavers tend to cause less irritation than cartridge razors.

Some electric razors are wet/dry, which means you can either use them on dry skin or wet with shaving cream, which typically gives a closer shave. Electric foil razors are convenient and great for traveling (or anytime you don’t have access to a shower); however, they usually don’t deliver as close of a shave as cartridge razors.

Whether you choose to use trimmers or a razor for your bikini area, when you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to trim hair down with scissors to about a quarter of an inch, which prevents your trimmers or razor from getting clogged.

Trimming and shaving tips for sensitive skin

Our bikini-area skincare expert, Sabrina, recommends dedicating one razor to the bikini area only, rather than using the same tool for bikini, legs and underarms. In her own experience, she has also had better luck using a shaving cream instead of a gel.

“My two go-to shave creams are Coochy Oh So Smooth Shave Cream and Cremo,” says Sabrina. “Apply the cream first thing when you get in the shower, wait to shave last in your routine, apply the cream again and shave. Doing this will help make sure the hair is as soft as possible and the skin is prepped.”

Sabrina also points out that tending to your skin outside of the shower pays off in a big way when grooming the bikini area. “Dry brushing can help beforehand, as well as using witch hazel after to help calm skin. To prevent ingrowns, I use PFB Vanish + Chromabright. If you have extra sensitive skin, make sure to toss or change out your razor blades weekly, and store your razor outside of the shower.”

Important features to consider

Wet vs. dry

When choosing the best bikini line trimmer for you, it’s important to note that many electric trimmers and razors advertised as “waterproof” are not actually impervious to water. Even if the product box is plastered with terms like “water-resistant,” “shower-ready” and “waterproof,” we recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions or even contacting customer service before taking your trimmer or shaver into the shower with you.

While some electric trimmers and razors are truly waterproof, be forewarned that the majority are only intended for dry trimming and shaving, sometimes with the option to detach and rinse the head under running water.

Trimmer skin guards/combs and hair-length settings

To achieve your desired hair length and keep your tool’s blade from touching skin, bikini trimmers will either feature a built-in skin guard/comb that can be clicked into various hair length settings or include separate, manually attachable combs of different lengths. Some skin guards/combs feature rounded tips for an extra-gentle glide — a bonus for those with sensitive skin.

When selecting your trimmer, consider how closely you want to trim your hair down there. Are you aiming for a super close trim? Happy to keep things neat and tidy, but not super short? Or do you want the option of achieving different lengths, depending on the season?

Blade type

The best bikini trimmer for sensitive skin will have hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades and foils, to avoid redness and irritation. Bikini razor blades generally fall into two categories: stainless steel and carbon steel, which should be avoided since it tends to rust. Many razors also feature lubricating strips, which are intended to keep skin moisturized as you shave.

Size and maneuverability

The bikini zone is one area where an easily maneuverable razor or trimmer is vital. We recommend using slim, compact, lightweight grooming tools and razors with heads that aren’t too wide (no more than 3 centimeters, including attachments) so you can access hard-to-reach spots.

Ease of cleaning

As we noted above, some water-resistant bikini razors and trimmers require you to detach the head to rinse them under water, while others are watertight and can just be rinsed off quickly while still intact. Most come with a cleaning brush to help remove tiny hairs from the head. Razors with moisturizing strips can be tougher to clean, since they often end up with more gunk to remove from the blades.

How we tested

To test our lineup of eight bikini trimmers and razors, we recruited female testers with especially sensitive skin who had been through the gamut of ingrown hairs, red bumps and general irritation. Our sensitive-skin warriors rated the trimmers and razors on a scale of 1 to 10, using the following metrics.

Hair-cutting performance

  • How well does this trimmer/razor groom your bikini area to your liking?
  • How close of a shave does this razor deliver? Any irritation or nicks?
  • How well do the skin guards/combs perform?
  • How effective is this tool’s blade? Do you only need to go over an area once, twice or several times?

Effect on skin

  • How gentle is the blade on skin? Any irritation, bumps or redness?
  • What is the effect of this tool’s skin guard/comb on your skin? Any irritation?

Maneuverability and ease of use

  • How easy is it to grip this tool while shaving?
  • How would you rate the tool’s size, in terms of ease of use?
  • Does it reach the areas you want to shave or trim?
  • How easy is it to clean this tool after use?

Noise level

  • How would you rate this tool’s noise level? Was it quiet or obnoxiously loud?


  • Do you think this tool is worth its listed price?
  • Would you buy this tool yourself, based on its performance and listed price?

Best for sensitive skin: Philips Norelco

After mowing our way through eight contenders for the best women’s bikini trimmer, the Philips – Norelco GoStyler — a grooming tool marketed specifically toward men — was the standout performer, checking off all of our testing criteria and then some.

Although it was neck and neck with the Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, the GoStyler’s winning feature was its capacity to trim all the way down to 1 millimeter — shorter than any lengths offered by the other trimmers. Offering interchangeable 3-millimeter and 5-millimeter combs as well, the GoStyler caters equally to those who want the closest trim possible without shaving, as well as users who prefer a longer, more natural groom.

The GoStyler features stainless steel blades that cut easily and efficiently, requiring only one or two swipes over an area to trim hair to the desired length. Although the GoStyler’s advertising specifically touts its “DualCut” technology (basically, two blades in the head that move speedily from side to side to trim hair), most of the trimmers we tested also featured a two-bladed design.

We experienced zero pulling or irritation during our trimming sessions with the GoStyler, with no nicks to speak of. The buzzing noise produced by this trimmer is not ideal; however, all of the trimmers we tested left something to be desired, decibel-wise.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Philips Norelco - GoStyler

Our top trimmer pick won us over with its narrow trimmer head, easily maneuverable lightweight body and smooth, efficient trim, cutting down to 1 millimeter and up to 5 millimeters.

In a sea of glossy pink, white and lavender women’s trimmers, the GoStyler’s matte black-and-red color scheme is certainly more subdued. Its lightweight, slender body (about 17 centimeters long, with the circumference of an electric toothbrush) fit effortlessly in our hand and was easy to maneuver; the handle’s textured, rubberized surface also provided good grip.

With the comb attached, the end of the GoStyler’s trimmer head was one of two tools we tested that were only 27 millimeters wide (the other was the Veet model). Whereas some of the other trimmers were much too wide for the bikini area, the head of the GoStyler felt appropriately narrow, giving us the option to do more detailed trimming.

According to the manufacturer, the GoStyler is watertight; however, Philips advises against using it under wet conditions because “wet hairs cannot be lifted by the comb properly.” In any case, the trimmer can be rinsed under water and used in the shower if you choose to risk wetting your hairs.

Though this review is focused on its trimming capabilities, it’s worth noting that the GoStyler also comes with a “detail shaver” head — a floating foil-style electric razor head that could be handy for cleaning up the bikini line (though you won’t get as close a shave as you will with a cartridge razor like the Gillette Mach3).

The trimmer also comes with a cleaning brush and AA battery, and Philips offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and full 2-year warranty. With its sleek shape, efficient blade and superb maneuverability, the GoStyler feels high-end and expensive for its $19.95 price tag.

Key takeaways

  • Though it’s designed for men’s use, the Philips Norelco – GoStyler is our top trimmer choice for the women’s bikini area, delivering a smooth, effortless trim that can be adjusted down to 1 millimeter.
  • With 3- and 5-millimeter hair-length options as well, the GoStyler is a good choice for a variety of trimming preferences.
  • The GoStyler is truly watertight; it can be used in the shower and rinsed with water.

Runner-up: Veet – Precision Beauty Styler

Our runner-up for best trimmer is the Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler. In many aspects, the Veet trimmer is like the Philips Norelco – GoStyler’s fraternal twin, delivering the same excellent performance in a glossy pink-and-white package.

Like the GoStyler, the Veet model includes interchangeable combs, though with two length options instead of three: 2 millimeters and 4 millimeters. While the GoStyler features a fully rubberized, textured surface for grip, the Veet model is only partially covered with textured rubber, making it slightly tougher to hang on to. However, it did feel slightly more lightweight in our hand than the GoStyler.

The Veet tool trimmed our bikini area smoothly, requiring only a couple of passes down each “trimming path” to groom the hair to our liking. We didn’t experience any tugging or nicks, and our skin wasn’t irritated or red afterward.

According to the manufacturer, the Veet is a truly wet/dry trimmer. The buzz that emanates from the trimmer is on par with the GoStyler — it’s not obnoxiously loud, but it will make its presence known in your bathroom. In an ironic twist, the femininely designed Veet model’s whine is lower-pitched than the masculine GoStyler.

Runner-up: Veet - Precision Beauty Styler

Our second-place trimmer cuts hair down to either 2 or 4 millimeters with just a couple of strokes, with a lightweight, ergonomic waterproof body that’s a cinch to maneuver.

Like the GoStyler, the Veet feels like a petite, lightweight electric toothbrush in the hand and is easy to hold and maneuver. Its front is coated with rubber for grip, and we wish the back was as well; the shiny white plastic is pretty to look at, but counterintuitive for a non-slip tool. However, the Veet makes up for it with a slightly flatter and wider body, which feels more ergonomic to hold than the GoStyler. With its 27-millimeter head width (with comb attached), this trimmer is narrow enough to maneuver the difficult curves of the bikini area.

Like the GoStyler, the Veet trimmer kit includes an additional head option — a two-sided eyebrow trimmer with 16-millimeter and 6-millimeter hair length options, as well as an attachable eyebrow comb that shortens the length to 2 or 4 millimeters. An AA battery is also included, as well as a cleaning brush. The whole set comes in a clear pink zippered pouch, which is handy for travel. At around $20, the Veet trimmer kit is well-priced for its value, though it doesn’t come with a warranty.

Key takeaways

  • The Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler trimmed smoothly and efficiently, with no pulling and no irritation afterwards.
  • This tool’s easily maneuverable design features a slightly flatter body that’s particularly comfortable to hold.
  • Truly waterproof, the Veet trimmer can be used in the shower.

Best bikini razor: Gillette – Mach3

Another men’s grooming tool, the Gillette – Mach3 Men’s Razor, is our pick for the best bikini line razor. The Mach 3 has received many endorsements from women for its efficient, gentle, top-notch shave.

The Mach3’s three stainless-steel blades glide effortlessly over the skin of the bikini area, with no roughness or feeling of “catching” on the hairs. After passing the razor over each area once or twice, our skin was literally as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We only nicked ourselves once when, accustomed to shaving with less capable razors, we pressed down too hard mid-swipe. Clearly, the Mach3 requires zero pressure to produce a super-close shave.

Besides that hiccup, we found this men’s razor to be very gentle on the bikini area. Our tester, who has extremely sensitive skin and is prone to red bumps and ingrown hairs, saw no signs of irritation other than three minor bumps the day after she shaved.

Best Bikini Razor - Gillette - Mach3

Narrow, compact and easy to maneuver, the Mach3 Men's Razor gave us a smooth, super-close shave in the bikini area with minimal irritation.

In a world of bulky cartridge mega-razors loaded with up to seven blades, the Mach3’s slender, lightweight handle and narrow three-bladed head are ideal for hard-to-reach parts of the bikini area. The rubberized grips on its 14-centimeter chrome handle make it easy to hold on to in the shower, and because its pivoting head measures just 4 centimeters across, we were able to access all the areas we wanted to shave.

Bonus: Since the Mach3 only has three blades, with more space between them than what you’d find in a 5 or 7-blade razor, it rinsed easily after shaving. The Mach3 is priced at around $8 with cartridges running about $2 a pop.

Key takeaways

  • Unlike some bulky bikini razors that were supposedly designed for the difficult-to-navigate pubic area, the Gillette – Mach3 Men’s Razor has a compact, narrow head and slim body that make it easy to reach tough spots.
  • The Mach3’s three stainless-steel blades gave us an incredibly close shave.
  • Our sensitive-skinned testers experienced minimal irritation after shaving with the Mach3.

The bottom line

After testing a lineup of both women’s and men’s trimmers and razors on the bikini zone, we were most impressed with the men’s tools for grooming the area gently yet effectively. The narrow and efficient Philips Norelco – GoStyler gave us a fast and tidy trim, cutting our hair all the way down to 1, 3 or 5 millimeters with no irritation. Simple to hold and maneuver, the GoStyler won us over with its easy to grip, rubberized body and the closest trim of all the tools we tried.

Our second choice, the Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, performed as well as the GoStyler, with the option to trim hair down to 2 or 4 millimeters. While its body was only partially covered with rubber, we liked its lightweight feel and ergonomic shape.

Out of the razors we tested, the Gillette – Mach3 Men’s Razor, turned out to be the best shaver for the bikini area. With a narrow, pivoting head and three stainless-steel blades, the Mach3 gave us butter-smooth skin and minimal irritation, even for our sensitive-skinned testers.

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