Bryan Vu


Bryan is our cooking and kitchen expert, with more than 15 years of experience of cooking and testing kitchen products. When outside of the kitchen, he enjoys woodworking, photography, videography and figuring out how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether it’s ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily use.

Bryan is our cooking and kitchen expert, with more than 15 years of experience of cooking and testing kitchen products. When outside of the kitchen, he enjoys woodworking, photography, videography and figuring out how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether it’s ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily use.

Bryan's articles

  • Tesla Model Y unpacking for camping
    Tesla Camping in a Model Y: Setup & Gear Guide


    We’ve done a lot of car camping in Southern California so are relatively well-versed in normal camping gear and setup but we’ve never actually slept in a car for camping. We went into it with a few new unknowns and did our best to plan for them knowing we’d sleep in a Tesla – Model […]

  • Coffee Ratio Calculator


    Brewing coffee is an art form. But, understanding your taste is the first step to making a quality cup. Determine if you like your coffee strong, medium or light, and then use our calculator to customize a cup with the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. To use our calculator, fill out how many cups of coffee you […]

  • closeup of a portable AC's vent hose with wire grate
    Can You Run A Portable Air Conditioner With No Exhaust Hose?


    Many new owners of portable air conditioners are surprised to see the large exhaust vent hose included in the box, since they’re often missing from photos of the air conditioner unit in advertising. Whether you’re shopping for a portable air conditioner or setting one up for the fifth summer in a row like we are, […]

  • the best reading lamps group photo
    The Best Reading Lamps


    We bought and tested lamps to find the best reading lamp for desks, reading in bed, and larger floor lamps for use with larger chairs too.

  • The Best Car Phone Mounts

    iOttie - HLCRIO125

    We tested eight of the most highly rated car phone mounts in five different styles to determine which was the best car phone mount for holding a phone securely and was also the safest to use while driving.

  • Illustration for tea stats
    Tea Consumption & Industry Statistics in 2021


    It’s almost unfair how much tea dominates the market in terms of popularity, revenue, growth, and emerging new specialty categories. But given it’s been around since 2700BC, it’s not surprising how much tea’s popularity has spread around the globe, and how much it has become part of people’s daily lives and spending. We dove deep […]

  • couple hugging in front of burned land
    Ultimate Guide for Homeowners Living in a Fire-Prone Area


    Table of contents What causes residential fires? How can fires threaten my home? How can I reduce the threat of fires? Should I prepare in case of a fire? What to do if a fire ignites in my area? What to do if I’ve been evacuated? Should I invest in home fire insurance? Whether you […]

  • person in wheelchair reading paper
    Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities: The Ultimate Guide


    Table of contents Legality Funding Planning Modifications Checklist According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 40 million Americans living with a disability, which represents 12.7 percent of the total civilian non-institutionalized population. There are several resources available to help individuals living with a disability to not only have a comfortable home, but the […]

  • baby crawling with dad
    Extensive Guide to Babyproofing Your Home


    Whether you’re preparing to expand your family, or are expecting a little visitor, you’ll want your home to be equipped with the correct safety measures before their arrival. You never want to underestimate the importance of baby proofing your home, as little fingers have the potential to get into some unexpected areas. Follow our guide […]

  • boy going through recycling
    Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Your Home


    Do you recycle at home? According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 94 percent of the U.S. population has a recycling program available to them. Therefore, if you make recycling a routine for your entire family, it’s easy to create a more sustainable household. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of recycling, how to decode […]

  • group of car vaccums on floor
    The Best Car Vacuums

    BLACK+DECKER - BDH2000PL Pivot

    We spent weeks testing the top car vacuums in the grimiest cars to figure out which cleans the best. Ultimately, the BLACK+DECKER - Pivot did the best job of getting our vehicles clean. Another great cordless model is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.

  • The Best Coolers

    Orca - 40 Quart Classic

    We spent an entire summer prepping lunches and transporting nine coolers to parks, beaches and other destinations. The Orca kept ice the longest, and it's our top pick.

  • The Best Bread Machines

    Zojirushi - BB-PAC20

    We gathered a wealth of knowledge, science and technique into our 36 hours of research and testing six machines to determine a Zojirushi product was the best bread machine.

  • the best slow cookers - group photo
    The Best Slow Cookers

    Cuisinart - MSC-600

    We rigorously tested six popular slow cookers, and after cooking 20 pounds of beef chuck roast and pots full of pinto beans, we found the best slow cooker to be one from Cuisinart. It handily out-performed the others, and its browning function made a substantial difference!

  • group of best immersion blenders
    The Best Immersion Blenders

    Bamix - Pro-1 M150

    To flag a winner for best immersion blender, we logged over 50 hours researching products and conducting puréed soup and smoothie tests. Featuring a unique open-cage design, the Bamix - Pro-1 M150 powered to the front.

  • the best manual coffee grinders
    The Best Manual Coffee Grinders


    With the help of a coffee expert, we tested four of the top manual coffee grinders for performance, consistency, ease-of-use, and blind taste-testing to find the JavaPresse to be the best manual coffee grinder overall.

  • The Best Automatic Litter Boxes

    Pet Zone - SmartScoop

    After 10 weeks of research and extensive in-home testing with the top five products and our two cats Kit Kat and Jelly Bean, we found the best automatic litter box to be the Pet Zone - SmartScoop.

  • the best vacuum sealers
    The Best Vacuum Sealers

    Mueller - MFFVS-01

    We spent 60 hours testing the top vacuum sealers, sealing hundreds of bags with a variety of wet and dry foods, and determined that the Mueller - MFFS-01 was the most efficient and reliable. Our runner-up, the Geryon - E2800-C, is a less expensive model and is also a good alternate choice.

  • the best coffee grinders - group shot
    The Best Coffee Grinders

    Bodum - Bistro

    We spent weeks researching and working with a coffee expert, working with a hydrodynamicist, and performed blind taste testing to discover that Bodum makes the best coffee grinder for home use.

  • the best water flossers in a group
    The Best Water Flossers

    h2ofloss - hf-8

    Through over 20 hours of use, talking with a dentist with 22 years experience and water flossing after over 80 meals, we found the best water flosser overall to be the h20floss - hf-8 for cleaning your teeth and gums.

  • The Best White Noise Machines

    ASTI - 'LectroFan

    We spent 60+ hours testing seven of the top-rated white noise machines. After weeks of sleep tests, sound-masking bootcamps and thorough one-on-one inspections, we found the 'LectroFan to be the best white noise machine.

  • group shot of diaper pails
    The Best Diaper Pails

    Munchkin - STEP

    After many hours of real life testing with two babies: dropping diapers, lid flipping, bag changing and room sniffing, we found the Munchkin - STEP to be the best diaper pail overall.

  • group of metal detectors on the beach
    The Best Metal Detectors

    Garrett - Ace 250

    We put seven metal detectors through tests for a month with 30+ hours of hands-on time to find the Garrett - Ace 250 was the best metal detector overall.

  • soap group photo
    The Best Dish Soaps

    Dr. Bronner's - Sal Suds

    With 60 hours of researching and testing, we pitted 14 soaps against each other to find that Dr. Bronner's - Sal Suds was the best dish soap for doing dishes by hand.

  • group shot of six induction burners
    The Best Portable Induction Cooktops

    Duxtop - 9600LS

    We spent over 40 hours of researching and putting products through a series of cooking tests to determine that the recently released Duxtop - 9600LS is the best induction cooktop currently on the market.

  • The Best Bathroom Scales

    Weight Gurus - 0375

    We spent 27+ hours researching and testing standard & smart bathroom scales to name the Weight Gurus scale as the best smart bathroom scale and one by Etekcity for standard scales.