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The 7 Best Indoor Watering Cans

As avid plant lovers who have grown hundreds of plants from seed to rich greenery and ripe fruits, we know that keeping the soil adequately watered is an integral part of gardening. Indoor watering cans are an essential tool for watering your plants. With indoor watering cans, we wanted a watering can that is easy to use, was nice to look at, and had a longer spout.

After testing over half a dozen indoor watering cans, our top choice was the Fasmov one-gallon plastic watering can for its durable design, lightweight material, high water capacity, and affordable price. Our runner-up was the Brilliest long spout plastic watering can that we also loved because of its extra-long spout, lightweight, and transparent body that allows you to see how much you’ve used.

Our Top Choices

Best Overall


1-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

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Runner Up


¼-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

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Best Metal


⅓-Gallon Metal Watering Can

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Best Shower Head


½-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

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How we selected & tested

We’ve done an extensive amount of watering our seedlings, plants, and trees with garden hoses, expandable garden hoses, hose nozzles, and larger outdoor watering cans. Since indoor plants are smaller than our outdoor ones, but still range in size, we wanted to try watering cans of different water capacities, varied designs and materials, and both single stream and shower heads that were all under $50.

Over two months, we tested over half a dozen indoor watering cans multiple times a week on various sizes of plants and containers from four to 15 inches in diameter. We watered various plants, from prolific herbs to micro tomatoes to finicky variegated plants.

Important features to consider

Water capacity – Compared to outdoor watering cans, indoor watering cans are typically smaller in size and hold less water because there are often fewer plants indoors to water or you want to be able to store it easily. We tested over half a dozen indoor watering cans that ranged from one pint to over one gallon. The size of your watering can depends on how many plants you need to water and how often you are willing to refill the watering can.

Spout type & length – Watering cans come in single-stream spout or shower head attachments. Often when the watering cans have shower head attachments, they are also removable so that you can have both options available.

If you have small-sized pots or plants that need watering from the bottom or at the base of the stem, you may want to consider single-stream watering cans because they reduce spillage. If you have a wide planter for herbs, we prefer using a shower attachment to gently and evenly distribute water.

Spout length is also important to consider if you have small crevices you need to reach between multiple stems or plants.

Material – Many watering cans are made of plastic or metal. A preference for materials can be more than just for aesthetic reasons, but also for environmental or functionality. If you want to reduce the amount of plastic used, you can opt for metal watering cans made of copper or steel. If you want a watering can that is lighter to hold; then plastic watering cans are typically lighter than metal varieties.

Budget – The price of watering cans we tested ranged from $5 to just under $50. There are so many price points when it comes to watering cans, and budget can be a big factor in how much each gardener wants to spend.


Fasmov - 1-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

Fasmov watering can

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The Fasmov 1-Gallon watering can is our top choice for indoor watering cans because it has a large water capacity; is made from durable plastic; has comfortable handles for pouring; and is inexpensive. At just under $16, this is one of the most affordable watering cans we tested.

Since the water capacity is one gallon, we were able to water a majority of our planters without having to refill this watering can which saved us time. Its plastic construction makes it super lightweight even when it’s full and the comfortable handles make pouring the water easy.Read more…

This watering can only comes with a single spout and a long neck to help you reach small crevices between plants or stems. We found that we didn’t miss a shower spout when using this watering can because it was simple to control the water flow of the spout for a gentle watering experience.


Brilliest - ¼-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

Brilliest - clear watering can

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The Brilliest watering can is our runner-up choice. We like this smaller watering can because it’s super easy to fill with a large refill hole at the top and has a clear, plastic body. Out of the box, the Brilliest watering can comes with a long spout, two rubber gaskets, and a clear cylindrical body with a single handle.

To connect the spout to the body, you need to add the rubber gaskets to the spout and screw it onto the body. We initially worried about water leaking from the screw, but we haven’t had any spillage. Our favorite features of this watering can are the clear body that helps you measure water and the long thin spout that is very precise in watering small crevices or any planter size.Read more…

This is a great option for those who need a watering can with a long neck and want a watering can that is small enough to store in the cupboard.


Homarden - ⅓-Gallon Metal Watering Can

Homarden - copper colored watering can

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The Homarden ⅓-gallon watering can is our preferred choice if you want a nice design without sacrificing function. This sleek copper watering can has an attractive spout design because the spout and handle are all one unit. When pouring the Homarden watering can, the water travels from the top, turns into the handle, comes through the body, and emerges outside to form the single spout.

This spout design makes it easy to lightly pour water onto your plant’s soil without straining your wrists. Our only gripe about this watering can is that it’s hard to get all the water out entirely because of the spout design. In order to get the water out, you may need to turn it completely upside down.Read more…

The Homarden also has a ⅓-gallon water capacity, meaning it can water a decent amount of small (up to four, six-inch planters) planters before you refill. We also like its $25 price point because it doesn’t break the bank. The Homarden watering can is our favorite metal watering can.


Qilebi - ½-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

Qilebi - watering can

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If you are looking for a shower head watering can for your indoor plants, then the Qilebi ½-gallon watering can is what your plants need. Unlike other plastic watering cans, the Qilebi is made with lightweight plastic that’s still durable but easy to hold and pour water when filled at its highest capacity.

The shower head is great for plants that need gentle watering on the leaves or the soil, but it’s also removable so that you can water with a single stream nozzle. We would suggest using this for medium or larger-sized pots. The flow with the sprinkler nose was slow and even so that it didn’t overwhelm the plants, but watering smaller pots made a bit of a mess because the area it watered was bigger than the pot diameter (4-inch pots).


Bloem - 0.4-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

Bloem - indoor watering can

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When we first started growing and collecting indoor plants, the Bloem .4-gallon plastic watering can was our first watering can. It’s widely available at home improvement stores like Lowes and super affordable at under $5. Its small body and single handle are simple and light to use.

While this is great for small and medium pots, we wouldn’t recommend this for someone who has larger potted plants because you will need to refill the watering can frequently. However, this is a good choice if you have a small budget and need a no-fuss watering can.


Haws - 1-Pint Plastic Watering Can

Haws - yellow plastic watering can

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We were most excited to try out the plastic, one-pint Haws watering can because of its cute design and popularity. Haws watering cans were highly recommended for their design and durability; however, we quickly realized that their small water capacity (one pint) and tiny shower head were unsuitable for everyday use or multiple plants inside a home.

While we liked the wide refill hole at the top, the adjustable shower head, and the long nozzle, we couldn’t justify buying this tiny watering can only to refill it constantly. We could water about two (four-inch) pots for every refill. If you have one of two small desk plants and want a stylish planter that’s easy on the eyes, then this is a great choice.


Bloem - 1.2-Gallons Plastic Watering Can (Not Recommended)

Large 1.2 gallon watering can

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While we liked using the Bloem .4-gallon watering can, we didn’t have the same experience using the larger 1.2-gallon watering can. The Bloem 1.2-gallon watering can was covered in dirt out of the box, and we quickly noticed it had unfinished, sharp edges throughout the body. The single spout looked as if someone had chopped the tip off.

While we appreciated the large water capacity, we found it difficult to hold and pour because the edges of the handles were uncut and sharp. This made the watering can uncomfortable to use and maneuver, resulting in many spills on the floor. We wouldn’t recommend this watering can even though it’s relatively affordable.

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