17 Major Differences In US and UK Homes


The American dream is a story of success many people wish to write for themselves, where chapter one typically includes their dream home. However, the dream homes of the British would be starkly different from their American counterparts. When comparing two cultures separated by thousands of miles of ocean, the differences can be drastic no matter how similar the cultures may seem.

The differences become apparent, even from the outside looking in as most U.K. homes are built with brick and stone, while homes in the U.S. are typically more lumber intensive. Not to fall victim to judging a book by its cover, we decided to look inside the average home of both the U.S. and U.K.. Lets discover what you would come to expect from living in another country.

infographic: differences in US vs. UK homes

It’s quite amazing how cultures build their standard of living, and how these standards become widely adopted. It’s unlikely you will find a house built in the U.S. that does not include at least one closet, while the opposite can be said for the U.K.. We were also surprised to find that electric kettles were a much more common appliance in the UK.

Small differences like this can leave you confused and dumbfounded in a country where even the language is barely discernable from your own.