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The Best Magnetic Eyelashes


Several brands of magnetic eyelashes that we previously tested have been discontinued, and so we’ve updated our review by testing two new brands that use the dual magnet system. Our new top pick for the best magnetic eyelashes is Arvesa. They’re lighter and easier to fit along the lash line than any of the other designs we tested. Our testers thought that these lashes would be appropriate for both a day at the office and a night out.

Our Top Choices

Top Pick


Several brands of magnetic eyelashes that we previously tested have been discontinued, and so we’ve updated our review by testing two new brands that use the dual magnet system. Our new top pick for the best magnetic eyelashes is Arvesa. They’re lighter and easier to fit along the lash line than any of the other designs we tested. Our testers thought that these lashes would be appropriate for both a day at the office and a night out.

Table of contents

(Editor’s note: Since publishing this review, most of the original magnetic lashes we tested are no longer available on Amazon. Many of these brands have transitioned to using a magnetic liner system. The new dual magnetic system lashes we tested were the Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelash and the Lamiya – Magnetic Lashes, which are our best and worst picks respectively.)

The 6 magnetic eyelashes we tested

ProductPriceLengthTypeMaterialCarry Case?
1. Arvesa$3/8"AccentSilkYes
2. One Two Lash - Founder’s Lash$$$$3/8"AccentSyntheticYes
3. 3 Second Lash$$1/2"FullSyntheticYes
4. Ardell - Accent #001$3/8"AccentHuman HairNo
5. Eylure - Opulent Corner$3/8"AccentSyntheticYes
6. Lamiya$variousFullSilkYes

Best overall: Arvesa

The Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelashes was one of the new products we tested for our update, and it easily took the top spot with our testers. They loved Arvesa’s natural look and lightweight fit. These silk lashes are not excessively shiny, so they blend in with your natural lashes. The Arvesa were also the easiest to apply because of their unique strip and magnet system.

Upon first glance the Arvesa lashes appeared to use a similar strip system as the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lashes. Both of these lashes came with eight half strips. You can use two pairs of half strips per eye to create a full lash look or one pair of half strips per eye to create an accent look.

However, our testers found that the Arvesa half strips worked significantly better than the One Two lashes because each of their half strips had two magnets. These two magnets allowed our testers to curve the lash tighter around their lash lines, making the falsies appear more natural. Our testers agreed that the Arvesa lashes worked best when they used one half strip on the outer corner of their eyes, describing them as “pretty, but still natural looking.”

The Arvesa lashes were the easiest to apply. Our testers found that they could stick the outer corner magnets together first and then bend the lash around the lash line to connect the inner magnets. Because there was not an excess of lashes on the Arvesa, they were easier to maneuver around the lash line.

Best Overall: Arvesa

Our testers loved the natural look of these lashes and were impressed by their snug fit to the lash line. They also cost under $15, meaning you can try out magnetic lashes without making too much of a financial commitment.

The Arvesa’s more natural density made them lighter than others we tested. Although the Arvesa had two magnets per half strip, the lashes were light enough to wear for 4-plus hours at one time.

Our testers rated the Arvesa lashes’ durability as average. They were fiddly and small, but they held up throughout our testing. Their plastic carry case had individual places for lashes and closes securely; it worked, but there was nothing special about it.

The Arvesa lashes were the only lashes our testers found that they could wear day to day; one tester even described the Arvesa’s fit as “miraculous.” The Arvesa lashes are a safe bet if you’ve never tried magnet lashes before because at less than $15 a pair, they’re relatively cheap.

Key takeaways:

  • The Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelashes are lightweight and have a comfortable fit for a natural day look.
  • These silk lashes are best for an accent look on the outer corner of the eye.
  • The Arvesa’s dual magnets and flexible half strips are better for getting in close to your natural lash line.

Other products we tested

Unfortunately, we were disappointed in the quality and fit of the rest of our finalists. Magnetic lashes are a relatively new beauty trend. Therefore, we are still waiting for a solid competitor to Lash’d Up’s superior quality. We are not able to recommend any of our other finalists, as we discovered during testing that we cannot justify using them over traditional false lashes.

One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash

Cosmetics on a countertop

The most outrageous thing about the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash is the $70 price tag attached to it. While our testers appreciated the natural look of the lash material and their sturdy carrying case (easily the best of our finalists), they were overall unimpressed with the fit of these lashes.

These lashes come with four lash strips per eye. One for your top outer corner, lower outer corner, top inner corner and lower inner corner. Each of these half-length strips comes with one magnet. Our testers liked that these magnets had a handy marking system to keep track of which magnets connected. However, they found that this system did not work well for keeping lashes close to your natural lash line.

Our top pick used dual top magnets as anchors to bend the false lash to match the curve of the natural lash line. However because the One Two Lash’s top magnets are separated, this bending cannot occur. This causes a weird separation to happen between natural and false lash, betraying your use of falsies.

Therefore, despite the obvious quality of the carry case and lash material, we don’t recommend shelling out $70 for these poor-fitting lashes.

3-Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes

Pink case with cosmetics on countertop

The 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes set came with three separate pairs of lashes, two natural looks and one dramatic look. All of these lashes used one magnet per strip system that was not able to hold the lash close enough to the natural lash line. Like the One Two Lashes, these lashes had obvious separation from the natural lash line that was a major problem with our testers.

Our testers also described the material of these lashes as extremely shiny and cheap looking. The dramatic pair included in this set was described by one of our testers as looking like a cheap Halloween costume.

The only upside to this lash set is that it comes with a sturdy carrying case that makes it easier not to lose lashes. However, with the terrible fit and quality of these lashes, you might not care if they get lost.

Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001

Ardell lashes

The dramatic Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 had too many lashes to blend naturally as an accent lash. Even trimmed to a reasonable length, their sheer density and three-magnet system added too much visual weight to the outer corners of our testers’ eyes. In addition, their synthetic material was also a bit shiny for our testers’ liking.

The Ardells also lack a storage container. We found replacing them in their original cardboard and plastic packaging was messy and time-consuming and will do nothing for the Ardells’ durability.

Eylure – Opulent Corner

Fake eyelashes in front of gold case

The Eylure – Opulent Accent are also too lush to blend with the rest of your lashes. Although they have a dual-magnet system, the lashes are too stiff to conform to your natural lash line. Our testers also found that the Eyelures sit in a completely straight chunk of dramatic eyelashes on the outer corner of their eyes, which is certainly not a look anyone wants.

On the positive side, our testers liked Eyelure’s synthetic hair material and their plastic carry case. However, their terrible fit make it impossible to achieve an attractive look.


In addition to being ill-fitting and extremely difficult to apply, the Lamiya – Magnetic Lashes lost a magnet after only three uses. The volume of these lashes creates a dramatic look, but paired with their poor fit, they stood out as obviously fake. The Lamiya were easier to apply when we trimmed them, but because of their low quality, we don’t recommend trying them.

How we selected

We’ve reviewed a number of beauty and grooming products for women, including the best safety razor, the best tweezers, the best deodorant and the best toiletry bag to tote them around in when you’re traveling. So we found the promise of magnetic enticing: full falsies without the nasty glue. However, because magnetic eyelashes are at the forefront of beauty trends, the quality of these products is inconsistent.

We began our research by consulting online reviews from respected retailers like Amazon, Ulta, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. From the get-go there was palpable frustration from consumers with the way these lashes were applied and how they looked. This was compounded when we began checking out beauty bloggers, such as Manny Mua, to get their thoughts on specific magnetic eyelash brands.

However, for every nay-sayer, we would find bloggers happy about finding a product that freed them from traditional falsies. We also read up on other magnetic eyelash reviews from respected sources such as Elle and Today and scoured subreddits such as r/MakeupAddiction.

We chose our top finalists based on which brands were leaders in the field and which had the most positive feedback from consumers. In addition, we interviewed Janelle Friedman, CEO and Founder of GoodJanes Beauty, to get an idea of what features were important in a good false lash.

Products Discontinued

Magnetic eyelashes are at the forefront of beauty trends, a very volatile space in the beauty industry. By 2019 many of the magnetic eyelashes we tested for this article were discontinued. Many of the brands we had previously tested had switched to using magnetic liner to attach magnetic lashes, as opposed to the dual magnet system we tested in this article.

The discontinued products were: Lash’d Up – Natural, Bunny Boo Beauty, AVIGOR, Absolute Lashes – Abella, Zoma Beauty, VASSOUL – 3D Magnetic Eyelashes, and AsaVea.

How we tested

We spent weeks testing nine of the best magnetic eyelashes on the market, so we can tell you with confidence which ones are worthy of your money. We had two testers, one of whom works professionally in the lash industry. She tried on each of our false lashes and answered questions about each lash’s application, material, look and fit. Our other tester wore each of our top-ranking lashes three separate times to find any possible durability issues.


As stated earlier, applying magnetic lashes isn’t easy. It took all of our testers — even the professional — a while to get the hang of it. All of the lashes were equally difficult to apply, but the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash and 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes were somewhat easier because they only had one magnet per strip.


Most of the lashes we tested were made of synthetic fibers. Our testers specifically had a problem with the unnatural, plastic shine of the 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes. One of our testers noted that the 3 Second Lashes looked “like lashes for a Halloween costume.”

However, our testers approved how the Eylure – Opulent Accent, One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash and Lamiya – Magnetic Lashes looked, even though these were also made of synthetic fibers.

We were amazed to learn that the Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 were made of human hair, as our testers rated their material as just average looking. Our testers were more impressed with the silk lashes of Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelashes.

Natural vs. dramatic looks

We asked our testers whether they would use each of our finalists for a day look or a dramatic night look. Lash sets that had a large number of long lashes were categorized as dramatic looks, appropriate for a night out or special event. Sets that had fewer lashes were labeled as natural day looks.

However, it is important to note that lashes that work for a natural day look still require some mascara and curling to fully blend into your lashes. Day-look lashes also had to be comfortable enough to wear for eight hours straight.


We also rated how well the magnetic eyelashes hugged the natural lash line and how comfortable they felt. This was the “make it or break it” test for our finalists. We had many problems with magnetic eyelashes that didn’t follow the lash line’s natural curve.

Lashes that had two to three magnets per strip generally did a better job at curving along the lash line than those that had one magnet per strip, because they had multiple points of contact to bend around. We found that the Arvesa lashes had the best fit, which used a two-magnet system.

While our testers loved the material and lightweight design of the One Two Lashes, they were unimpressed by the one-magnet-per-strip design, which stuck out too far from the natural curved lash line. The 3 Second Lash also had only one magnet per strip and scored low with our testers.

We were surprised that none of our testers were afraid that their lashes would fall off when shaking their heads or jumping up and down. However, lashes with more magnets felt more secure in general.

Some lashes were a little too wide for our testers’ eyes, which was easily fixed by trimming off excess lash at the inner corner. Therefore, we did not dock any of our finalists for being too wide.


All of the lashes we tested were advertised as being able to be used several times. However, the reality of reusing teeny-tiny lashes depended largely on having a handy, secure container for them. The best storage cases by far were the sturdy plastic boxes of the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash, and the 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes, which were truly handy and easy to keep track of because of their solid latch and hinge design.

The Lamiya – Magnetic Lashes was the only finalist that completely failed the durability test: During its third use, a magnet fell off one lash. Overall, our testers found the Lamiya lashes too flimsy.

Important features to consider

Length of lash: The majority of the lashes we tested were about ⅜-inch long. This is longer than what most people need, but they can always be trimmed to suit your personal preference. For example, one tester preferred her false eyelashes to be about ¼-inch long, while another tester preferred a full-length lash.

Material: Magnetic lashes can be made from synthetic fiber, silk, human hair or mink. Janelle Friedman, Founder of GoodJanes Beauty, prefers cruelty-free mink lashes because of their softness, fluttery look and durability. However, our top pick is made of silk, which we thought looked most natural. While we liked the look of some of the synthetic lashes we tested, others had an unnatural and plastic-like shine.

Full Strip or Accent: Before buying magnetic eyelashes, decide if you want a full strip or just an accent for your outer eye. For our update, our testers found that the determining feature for an accent lash was whether it had two magnets per strip. If the lash strip only had one magnet, the lash did not sit on the lash line well. If each lash strip had two magnets, it was much easier to bend around the eye.

Density of lashes: The more lashes, the more dramatic the look. In our testing, we looked for lashes that added drama to our eyes but didn’t compel people to ask if they were real.

Storage Case: All of the lashes we tested were advertised as being reusable. Therefore, we decided a good storage case was important to keep track of lashes, especially the smallest. We wanted a storage case that closed securely and had designated spots for lashes.

Reusability: The last thing anyone wants is for their lashes to pop a magnet the third time they wear them. We tested our lashes multiple times to make sure they were durable enough for multiple uses.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

We won’t lie to you. Applying magnetic eyelashes is no cakewalk. However, if you give yourself about half an hour and follow these tips, you can get the technique down.

There are plenty of magnetic eyelash applicators on the market. We tested the Rapid Vitality – False Eyelash Applicator to apply our lashes. Also, many of our magnetic eyelashes came with a cheaper plastic version of this type of applicator. Neither of our testers found these applicators particularly helpful.

Instead, we recommend using tweezers or using the technique described by lash expert Janelle Friedman. “This tactic will help to prevent the lashes and magnets from moving too far from the lash line, ensuring they look more natural,” Janelle explains.

Step 1: Apply black eyeliner prior to lash application for a smoother blend.

Step 2: Line up the bottom lash under your lash line.

Step 3: Position the top lash to connect the magnets. Align the top and bottom lashes with your index finger and thumb takes some getting used to, but our testers were eventually able to get the hang of it.

Step 4: Apply mascara to blend lashes.

Step 5: To take off magnetic eyelashes, place your lashes between your index finger and thumb, then rub your fingers together to gently separate the magnets.

Janelle also recommends investing in a triangulated mirror. These mirrors allow you to see your lash line from multiple angles, which can help take some of the frustration out of applying magnetic eyelashes.

The bottom line

After testing the newest magnetic lashes currently available, we chose the Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelashes as the best magnetic eyelashes These lashes are great for creating a natural-looking outer eye accent, and for less than $15, they’re affordable if you’ve never tried out lashes with a dual-magnetic system.

We’re unable to recommend any other magnetic lashes we tested because they were either too expensive or simply did not work. The lack of quality in this sector of the beauty industry might be due to the emergence of magnetic eyeliner, which many magnetic-eyelash companies are now manufacturing.

Top Pick: Arvesa

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