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The Best Magnetic Eyelashes


We spent weeks consulting a professional lash expert and testing seven top products to determine Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way is the best magnetic eyelashes product on the market. Our testers loved Lash’d Up’s thinness and natural curl and said they would use these lashes on a daily basis. The same cannot be said for our other finalists; keep reading our magnetic eyelashes review to find out more.

Our Top Choices

Top Pick

Lash’d Up

Natural "i woke up this way"

We spent weeks consulting a professional lash expert and testing seven top products to determine Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way is the best magnetic eyelashes product on the market. Our testers loved Lash’d Up’s thinness and natural curl and said they would use these lashes on a daily basis. The same cannot be said for our other finalists; keep reading our magnetic eyelashes review to find out more.

Table of contents

How we selected finalists to test

We began our magnetic eyelash review by consulting online reviews from respected retailers like Amazon, Ulta, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. From the get-go, frustration from consumers with the way these lashes were applied and looked was palpable. This was compounded when we began checking out beauty bloggers to get their thoughts on specific magnetic eyelash brands.

However, for every naysayer we came across, we also found bloggers happy about finding a product that freed them from traditional falsies. Often, bloggers would disagree about specific magnetic eyelash brands. Therefore, we picked eyelash brands that garnered the most positive support and conversation.

We also read up on other magnetic eyelash reviews from respected sources such as Elle and Today, and of course, scoured subreddits such as r/MakeupAddiction. We chose our top finalists based on which brands were leaders in the field and which had the most positive feedback from consumers.

Discontinued Products

We found that there was a lot of volatility on Amazon regarding magnetic lashes. Four magnetic lash brands we tested were discontinued on Amazon during the course of our testing. The quick appearance and disappearance of magnetic lash products could be a consequence of brands attempting to cash in on a trending product.

Whatever the case, we disregarded any magnetic lashes that had a low number of reviews or were removed from Amazon during the course of our testing.

Compare the best magnetic eyelashes

Lineup of faux eyelashes

ProductPriceLengthTypeMaterialCarry Case?
1. Lash’d Up - Natural - i woke up this way$1/4"FullSilkYes
2. One Two Lash - Founder’s Lash$$$$3/8"AccentSyntheticYes
3. 3 Second lash - Magnetic Eyelashes$$1/2"FullSyntheticYes
4. Ardell - Magnetic Lash Accent #001$3/8"AccentHuman HairNo
5. VASSOUL - 3D Magnetic Eyelashes$3/8"FullSyntheticYes
6. Eylure - Opulent Corner$3/8"AccentSyntheticYes
7. AsaVea - Magnetic Eyelashes$1/4"FullSyntheticYes

Lineup of magnetic eyelashes

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

We won’t lie to you. Applying magnetic eyelashes is no cakewalk. However, if you give yourself about half an hour and follow these tips, you can get the technique down.

There are plenty of magnetic eyelash applicators on the market. We tested the Rapid Vitality – False Eyelash Applicator to apply our lashes. Also, many of our magnetic eyelashes came with a cheaper plastic version of this type of applicator. Neither of our testers found these applicators particularly helpful. Instead, we recommend using tweezers or using the technique described by the lash expert we interviewed, Janelle Friedman. Janelle is the CEO and founder of GoodJanes Beauty. “This tactic will help to prevent the lashes and magnets from moving too far from the lash line, ensuring they look more natural,” Janelle explains.

Step 1: Apply black eyeliner prior to lash application for a smoother blend.

Step 2: Line up the bottom lash under your lash line.

Step 3: Position the top lash to connect the magnets. Align the top and bottom lashes with your index finger and thumb takes some getting used to, but our testers were eventually able to get the hang of it.

Step 4: Apply mascara to blend lashes.

Step 5: To take off magnetic eyelashes, place your lashes between your index finger and thumb, then rub your fingers together to gently separate the magnets.

Janelle also recommends investing in a triangulated mirror. These mirrors allow you to see your lash line from multiple angles, which can help take some of the frustration out of applying magnetic eyelashes.

Important features to consider

Length of lash: The majority of the lashes we tested were about three-eighths of an inch in length. This is longer than what most people need, but you can always trim your magnetic lashes to be a more manageable length. One of our testers preferred their falsies to be about a quarter of an inch long, while the other preferred a full-length lash. It is a matter of personal preference, largely influenced by your natural lash length and thickness.

Material: Magnetic Lashes can be made from synthetic fiber, silk, human hair or mink. Our top pick was made of silk, which we thought looked pretty natural. While we liked the look of some of the synthetic lashes we tested, watch out for those with a plastic, unnatural shine.

Full strip or accent: Before buying magnetic eyelashes, you should decide if you want a full strip of falsies or just an accent for your outer eye. We tested both types of lashes and found that accents can be a bit tricky to blend. So, our advice is to go for a full strip and then cut it to the width that works best for you.

Amount of lashes: The more lashes, the more dramatic the look. In our testing, we looked for falsies that added some drama to our eyes but didn’t have people asking us if our eyelashes were real.

Storage case: All of the lashes we tested were advertised as being reusable. Therefore, a good storage case is important to keep track of teeny-tiny lashes. We wanted a storage case that closes securely, and that has designated spots for lashes.

Durability: The last thing anyone wants is for their lashes to pop a magnet the third time they wear them. We tested our lashes multiple times to make sure they were durable enough for multiple uses.

How we tested

We had two testers. One works professionally in the lash industry. She tried on each of our false lashes and answered questions about each lash’s application, material, look and fit. The other tester wore each of our top ranking lashes three separate times to find any possible durability issues.


As we said before, applying magnetic lashes is not easy. It took both our testers, even the professional, a while to get the hang of it. There was not much range in difficulty of application, as all of our finalists proved equally difficult to get the hang of. However, one of our testers noted that the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash and 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes were a bit easier to apply because they only had one magnet per strip.


Most of the lashes we tested were made of synthetic fibers. Our testers had problems with the unnatural, plastic shininess of  3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes, AsaVea – Magnetic Eyelashes and VASSOUL – 3D Magnetic Eyelashes. In particular, one of our testers said that 3 Second Lash’s product looked “like lashes for a Halloween costume.”

However, our testers were fine with the way the lashes of the Eylure – Opulent Corner and One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash sets looked, even though these were also made of synthetic fibers.

We were amazed to find out that the Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 was made of human hair, as our testers rated its material as just average looking. Our testers were particularly pleased with the silk lashes of Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way, which they described as, “thin and natural looking.”

Natural vs. dramatic looks

While trying on our finalists, we asked our testers whether they would use each set for a day look or a dramatic night look. Lash sets that had a large number of long lashes were categorized as dramatic looks, appropriate for a night out or special event. Sets that had fewer lashes were labeled as natural day looks.

However, it is important to note that lashes that work for a natural day look still require some mascara and curling to fully blend into your lashes. Day-look lashes also had to be comfortable enough to wear for eight hours straight.


Fit refers to how well the magnetic eyelashes hugged the natural lash line and how comfortable they felt on. This was the “make it or break it” test for our finalists. We had many problems with magnetic eyelashes not curving to the lash line’s natural curve.

Lashes that had two to three magnets per strip generally did a better job at curving along the lash line than those that had one magnet per strip because they had multiple points of contact to bend around. We found that the Lash’d Up lashes, which used a two magnet system, had the best fit.

While our testers loved the material and lightweight design of the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash, they were unimpressed by the one magnet per strip design, which stuck out too far from the natural curved lash line. The three-second lash also used only one magnet per strip and scored low with our testers.

We were surprised to find that a secure fit was not a big issue for any of our lashes. None of our finalists fell off during the course of testing, even when testers shook their heads or jumped up and down. However, lashes with more magnets felt more secure in general.

Some lashes were a little too wide for our tester’s eyes. This can be easily fixed by trimming off excess lash at the inner corner. Therefore, we did not dock any of our finalists for being too wide.


All of the lashes we tested were advertised as reusable. However, the reality of being able to reuse teeny-tiny lashes depends largely on having a handy, secure container for them.

The best holders by far were the sturdy plastic boxes of the One Two Lash: Founder’s Lash and the 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes, which were truly handy and easy to keep track of.

The Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 did not come with a holder, only the cheap plastic tray and cardboard box it came in. We thought that this made these lashes very easy to lose.

Best overall: Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way

False eyelashes on countertop

Our testers thought that the Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way magnetic lashes stood out from the pack because of their ability to curve to your natural lash line. These were the best magnetic lashes we found for all-day looks because of their lightweight design and natural appearance.

These lashes use one full-eye-length top strip with two magnets and two shorter bottom pieces that have one magnet apiece. These strips are pliable enough to be curved along your natural lash line using the two magnets at the inner and outer eye as anchors. Both our testers agreed that the Lash’d Up lashes were easier to get closer to the natural lash line and felt more comfortable than any of our finalists.

The Lash’d Up’s fit makes blending these lashes into your natural lashes much easier because the magnets don’t stick out too far from your eye. However, we still recommend using black eyeliner before application (and mascara after putting on your magnetic lashes) to fully blend them with your natural lashes.

Top Pick: Lash’d Up - Natural - i woke up this way

Lash’d Up's magnetic lashes are our top pick because of their lightweight design and natural look. These lashes have two magnets per strip and are extremely flexible, which helps them curve close to your natural lash line.

Lash’d Up’s lashes are one of the shortest we tested, measuring only about a quarter of an inch in length. The majority of our finalists measured about three-eighths of an inch. The shortness of Lash’d Up’s lashes help give them a more natural curl and overall look.

These silk lashes also have a more natural look because there are fewer lashes in this set than most of our other finalists. This also makes these lashes very lightweight and comfortable to wear. One tester even thought you might forget you had these lashes on after a while.

One downside: The holder for your Lash’d Up lashes is very minimal — just a cardboard box with a plastic tray that slides out. This cardboard box already started breaking during our testing. We fear that it would completely fall apart if you were traveling. We wish Lash’d Up would invest in a more secure carrying case to ensure these lashes don’t get lost.

These lashes were a midrange price of about $15. A few of our finalists offered two pairs of lashes for a similar price, but because of the superior fit and look of Lash’d Up magnetic eyelashes, we are not complaining. This a fair price for magnetic eyelashes that deliver where it counts.

Key takeaways:

  • Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way magnetic eyelashes are your best pick for a natural day look because of their comfortable fit and lightweight.
  • Our testers found that Lash’d Up’s dual magnets and flexible strips were better for getting in close to your natural lash line.
  • These lashes are easy to blend with your natural lashes because of their shorter length, natural curl and silk material.
  • The holder for these lashes is subpar, but for about $15 you can afford to get a backup set or a better case.

Other finalists we do not recommend

Unfortunately, we were disappointed in the quality and fit of the rest of our finalists. Magnetic lashes are a relatively new beauty trend. Therefore, we are still waiting for a solid competitor to Lash’d Up’s superior quality. We are not able to recommend any of our other finalists, as we discovered during testing that we cannot justify using them over traditional false lashes.

One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash

Cosmetics on a countertop

The most outrageous thing about the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash is the $70 price tag attached to it. While our testers appreciated the natural look of the lash material and their sturdy carrying case (easily the best of our finalists), they were overall unimpressed with the fit of these lashes.

These lashes come with four lash strips per eye. One for your top outer corner, lower outer corner, top inner corner and lower inner corner. Each of these half-length strips comes with one magnet. Our testers liked that these magnets had a handy marking system to keep track of which magnets connected. However, they found that this system did not work well for keeping lashes close to your natural lash line.

Our top pick used dual top magnets as anchors to bend the false lash to match the curve of the natural lash line. However because the One Two Lash’s top magnets are separated, this bending cannot occur. This causes a weird separation to happen between natural and false lash, betraying your use of falsies.

Therefore, despite the obvious quality of the carry case and lash material, we don’t recommend shelling out $70 for these poor-fitting lashes.

3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes

Pink case with cosmetics on countertop

The 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes set came with three separate pairs of lashes, two natural looks and one dramatic look. All of these lashes used one magnet per strip system that was not able to hold the lash close enough to the natural lash line. Like the One Two Lashes, these lashes had obvious separation from the natural lash line that was a major problem with our testers.

Our testers also described the material of these lashes as extremely shiny and cheap looking. The dramatic pair included in this set was described by one of our testers as looking like a cheap Halloween costume.

The only upside to this lash set is that it comes with a sturdy carrying case that makes it easier not to lose lashes. However, with the terrible fit and quality of these lashes, you might not care if they get lost.

Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001

Ardell lashes

Our testers found it nearly impossible to blend the dramatic Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 with their natural lashes. These lashes simply have too many lashes to blend at all naturally as an accent lash. Even if you trim these lashes to a more reasonable length, the sheer density of lashes and magnets makes this accent stand out like a sore thumb from your natural lashes.

The Ardell lashes use a three-magnet system, which keeps lashes secure but adds to the visual weight, all located at the outer corner of your eye. Their material was also a bit shiny for our testers’ liking.

To top off this mess, Ardell’s lashes do not come with any decent storage. Putting them back in the cardboard and plastic box they came in is a pain and a mess.

VASSOUL – 3D Magnetic Eyelashes

False lashes on countertop with cosmetics

The VASSOUL – 3D Magnetic Eyelashes are another hard-to-blend accent lash that frustrated our testers. These lashes were too shiny and thick to properly blend with natural lashes. Our testers also had issues getting the outer corner of these lashes close enough to the lash line.

This could be partly remedied by trimming the outer corner of these falsies closer to their outer magnet, but this still did not solve the glaring distinction between natural lash and false accent.

Eylure – Opulent Corner

Fake eyelashes in front of gold case

The Eylure – Opulent Corner is also too opulent to blend with the rest of your lashes. In addition, these lashes are too stiff. So even though these lashes have a dual-magnet system, they do not bend enough to sit on your natural lash line. They sit too far down and in a completely straight chunk of dramatic eyelash on the outer corner of your eye — not the look anyone wants.

On the positive side, our testers liked the material of these lashes and the plastic carry case they came with. However, the terrible fit of these lashes makes them impossible to use for an attractive look.

AsaVea – Magnetic Eyelashes

Faux Asavea magnetic eyelashes

The AsaVea – Magnetic Eyelashes were a very similar story to the Eylure accent lashes. They had too many lashes, all localized in your outer corner, to blend with the rest of your lashes. Also, they too were very stiff, so they didn’t have any of the natural curve that keeps the falsies close to the lash line.

Because these lashes don’t curve along your natural lash line, separation occurs between the natural and false lash, especially near the outer corner of your eye. Our testers also commented that these lash’s material was too thick and shiny to look natural.

The bottom line

After spending over three weeks on our magnetic eyelashes review, we found that your best bet for a natural all-day-look magnetic lash was the Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way. What really separates Lash’d Up from the pack is their ability to curve close to your natural lash line, using a magnet at both your inner and outer corners. Our testers also like the more natural amount, thinness and curl of these lashes, which give an attractive look you could wear all day.

Our other finalists, despite having many good reviews, let us down. They did not sit close enough to the lash line and did not look natural enough to justify using them over traditional false lashes.

Our testers found that accent magnetic lashes, on the whole, did not look as natural as full-length lashes because they had more trouble curving with the natural lash line and many had simply too many lashes to blend.

If you want to try magnetic eyelashes, definitely go with the Lash’d Up – Natural – i woke up this way. Hopefully, in the coming year, there will be more competitors that offer the same quality as Lash’d Up. However, for now, there are a lot of lackluster magnetic eyelashes that do not sit close enough to the natural lash line to justify buying.

Top Pick: Lash’d Up - Natural - i woke up this way

These natural looking magnetic eyelashes are a fair price at only around $15. They provide an attractive natural look and fit snugly to the lash line thanks to their two-magnet system and pliable strand.

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