The Best Bedroom Products

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. The products you put in it should reflect that. Through hundreds of hours of product testing, we make sure whatever you put in your bedroom will only enhance the time you spend within it. Read our many different bedroom product reviews below to ensure your next purchase is a great one.

  • Vornado Vortex
    The Best Space Heaters

    Vornado - Vortex AVH10

    We spent almost forty hours testing nine of the most effective and affordable options to determine the Vornado - Vortex to be the best space heater for most needs and types of rooms.

  • The Best Clothes Steamers


    We spent many hours over a few weeks steaming shirts, drapes and dresses with 10 units to find two Jiffy models to be the best handheld and standing steamers for clothes.

  • The 7 Best Essential Oils

    Stillpoint Aromatics

    After over a month of research and testing, we found Stillpoint Aromatics to be the best essential oils based on factors such as scent, farming and production, and storage practices.

  • The Best Earplugs

    Moldex - Pura-Fit

    After three weeks of testing the 12 best ear plugs on the market, we determined the top choices for noise blocking, sleeping, and for critical listening.

  • Photo Credit Kimberly Lostroscio
    Dyson AM07 Review

    Dyson - AM07

    After testing the Dyson AM07 against four of the best tower fans on the market, we’re confident the Dyson is the best product available -- but not nearly as confident in its value for the price.

  • Photo Credit Kimberly Lostroscio
    The 12 Best Tower Fans

    Seville Classics - UltraSlimline

    We tested the top-rated tower fans and selected the Seville Classics - UltraSlimline as the best tower fan overall. Another great tower fan is the Vornado - OSCR32 that matches the Seville in cooling power. A more expensive but excellent option is the Dyson - TP01, which has an integrated air purifier.

  • group of the best portable AC units
    The Best Portable Air Conditioners

    Whynter - 12,000 BTU

    We tested eight portable AC units for 150+ hours over five summers so you do not have to break a sweat finding the best unit. Check out our cooling comparison data, and learn if a single or dual hose model is better for you.

  • group of the best essential oil diffusers
    The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

    Smiley Daisy - Hibiscus

    With more than 60 hours of researching and testing the best essential oil diffusers, we selected the Smiley Daisy - Hibiscus as the best overall. An esthetically beautiful diffuser is the Porseme 3D, and the best diffuser for large spaces is the Innogear 500 ml.