The Best Bathroom Products

There’s no shortage of brands competing for a spot in your bathroom. People don’t often shop for things like shower fixtures or faucets, and personal care or shaving products get very personalized so we know you’ll be better off with reviews where a tester has experience with multiple items. Check out our posts below to find the best bathroom products for your morning routine.

  • group shot of all dryers
    The 8 Best Hair Dryers

    Rusk - W8less

    We spent 30 hours on research and even more testing seven finalists and feel confident in recommending the RUSK - W8less as the all-around best hair dryer. It's technology packed, and loaded with power and settings for versatility.

  • lineup of all tested mops
    The Best Steam Mops

    Shark Genius - S5003D

    After long-term testing of steam mops, we've chosen the Shark Genius - S5003D as the best steam mop overall. The Sharper Image - SI-160 is a dual-purpose steam mop that can be used to clean floors and other surfaces. A great budget pick is the Shark S1000.

  • hero photo of all the baby wipes
    The Best Baby Wipes


    After over 35 hours of research and weeks of testing with seven parents, considering ingredients, performance and other factors, we've found the best baby wipes.