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  • thumbs massaging down neck
    How To Massage Your Own Neck (Step-By-Step)


    If you work at a desk or drive frequently for long periods, you can relieve stress headaches and neck and shoulder pain with self-massage a few minutes a day. We show you how to self-massage your neck step by step.

  • ClassPass logo
    How Does ClassPass Work & Is It Worth It?


    Since 2013, ClassPass has changed the exercise game by offering people access to studios and workouts without the pricey commitment of dedicated monthly memberships to one…

  • best travel accessories
    The 18 Best Travel Accesories & Gear


    I’ve been traveling a lot in the last five years both internationally and nationally and have gotten a chance to rethink and refine what and how I pack. Much of my travel is fueled by a love of food, exploration, and many of these trips are to visit loved ones. No matter the reason for the trip, they each required a careful packing of luggages and backpacks with essential gear, electronic accessories, flight-specific amenities and weather-specific clothing.

  • Coffee Ratio Calculator


    Brewing coffee is an art form. But, understanding your taste is the first step to making a quality cup. Determine if you like your coffee strong,…

  • two portable acs size comparison
    What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?


    Many people reading our reviews of the best portable and window air conditioners have asked us “What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?” The answer is…

  • Cleaning an air conditioner
    How to Clean an Air Conditioner


    We’ve researched the instruction manuals and maintenance guides for more than a dozen different air conditioners in the course of testing portable air conditioners and window…

  • pumping up a bike tire
    How to Pump Bike Tires


    All bike tires slowly leak air every day. Even if you’re an occasional rider, and you only take your bike down from the bike rack once…

  • How to Clean Bike Chains


    Cleaning your bike's chain is an essential part of bike maintenance. It's easy to do, and our step-by-step guide shows you how.

  • Illustration for tea stats
    Tea Consumption & Industry Statistics in 2021


    It’s almost unfair how much tea dominates the market in terms of popularity, revenue, growth, and emerging new specialty categories. But given it’s been around since…

  • How to Clean Hardwood Floors


    Hardwood floors are not only an aesthetically pleasing upgrade in a home, but they are known to be the more sanitary option and require low maintenance.…

  • baby crawling with dad
    Extensive Guide to Babyproofing Your Home


    Whether you’re preparing to expand your family, or are expecting a little visitor, you’ll want your home to be equipped with the correct safety measures before…

  • boy going through recycling
    Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Your Home


    Do you recycle at home? According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 94 percent of the U.S. population has a recycling program available to them. Therefore, if…

  • The Best & Worst Reviewed Products of 2016


    As a product review company obsessed with finding the best possible option for consumers, we see great products every day. These products get amazing reviews on…