Gene Gerrard


Gene Gerrard was recently voted as one of the top five personal chefs in Los Angeles. He created's Meat and Wild Game Cooking website and published hundreds of recipes, interviews, cookbook reviews and blog posts about food trends. Gene is also a professional magician, and when he's not writing for Your Best Digs, he's performing at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Gene Gerrard was recently voted as one of the top five personal chefs in Los Angeles. He created's Meat and Wild Game Cooking website and published hundreds of recipes, interviews, cookbook reviews and blog posts about food trends. Gene is also a professional magician, and when he's not writing for Your Best Digs, he's performing at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Gene's articles

  • best kitchen towels
    The 9 Best Kitchen Towels


    We washed and dried dozens of dinner plates, glasses, and flatware and soaked up puddles of common kitchen spills to find out which kitchen towels were the most absorbent and durable. We’ve selected Fecido – Premium Kitchen Towels as the best overall kitchen towel. A substantial and thick towel, Fecido barely shrank after washing, and […]

  • the best egg cookers
    The 8 Best Electric Egg Cookers

    Elite Gourmet - EGC-007B

    We hard-boiled, poached, and steamed six dozen eggs in seven electric egg cookers and have determined that the Elite Gourmet – EGC-007B is the best egg cooker. A close runner-up is the DASH – Rapid Egg Cooker, another consistent and affordable egg cooker that turned out hard-boiled eggs with jammy yolks and perfect poached eggs […]

  • the best salt and pepper grinder sets
    The 8 Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

    Merazi Living

    We tested eight of the best salt and pepper shakers on the market today and selected Merazi Living as the best manual shaker. Beautifully designed from golden striated acacia wood, these sturdy grinders have high functionality and will make a visual statement in your kitchen or dining room. We chose AmuseWit as the best electric […]

  • four meal delivery kit boxes
    The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services


    We ordered and cooked recipes from the four most popular meal-kit delivery subscriptions, and HelloFresh stood out as the best one for beginner cooks. Martha & Marley Spoon is also great if you're an experienced cook.

  • Blue Apron's Balsamic Chicken
    Blue Apron Review

    Blue Apron

    We ordered a meal kit delivery subscription from the popular Blue Apron and cooked three recipes in our test kitchen to see how they compared to competitors.

  • three thermometers in steak
    Meat Temperature Guide & Chart


    Most recipes instruct the home cook to roast meat and poultry for a specific amount of time. However, there are a number of factors that render a time-based recipe unreliable. For example, you may program your oven to 350 ℉, but unless you’ve calibrated your oven or are using an accurate oven thermometer, your oven’s […]

  • stainless steel fridge
    The Best Refrigerators

    Whirlpool - WRX 735SDHZ

    We compared hundreds of refrigerators on the market including french-doors, side-by-side, apartment sized, and compact models to find the best refrigerators for your kitchen.

  • food thermometer in a roasted chicken
    How To Use A Meat Thermometer


    It's important to know how to use meat thermometers the correct way for cooking all cuts of meat and poultry.

  • french fries in fry basket and air fryer basket
    Air Fryers vs Deep Fryers


    There are pros and cons to air fryers and deep fryers, and we compared them to see which one cooks food to a crispy golden brown and is convenient to use.

  • The Best Nespresso Compatible Capsules

    We tested eight popular brands of Nespresso-compatible capsules to determine which one brewed espresso that was equal to or better than the Nespresso brand. We chose Cap’Mundo as the best variety, Delicitaly as the most authentic-tasting and Peet’s as the most eco-friendly.

  • The Best Oven Thermometers

    Admetior - T837AH

    We tested seven top-rated oven thermometers to discover which one was the most accurate and easiest to read. We chose the Admetior - T837AH as the best oven thermometer, and our runner-up is the AcuRite - 00620A2

  • The 7 Best Tea Makers (Hot & Iced)

    Breville - BTM500

    We tested some highly rated automatic tea makers and iced tea makers and selected the Breville – BTM500 as the best automatic tea maker for hot tea and the Takeya – 11171 as the best iced tea maker.

  • best citrus juicers hero
    The Best Citrus Juicers

    Dash - JB065AQ

    We tested the most popular citrus juicers to find out which produced the most juice and was the easiest to use. We chose the Dash - JB065AQ as the best electric citrus juicer and the Urban Trend - Tango as the best manual citrus juicer.

  • The Best Gas Grills

    Char-Broil - Performance

    We tested three of the most popular gas grills and chose the Char-Broil - Performance as the best value gas grill. The Char-Broil gave us perfectly seared and evenly cooked steaks and juicy burgers and chicken. Coming in a close second is our upgrade pick, the Weber Spirit II.

  • The Best Dry Food Storage Containers

    Progressive - Prepworks

    We tested seven highly rated food container systems to determine which one is the most functional and airtight. We selected Progressive - Prepworks as the best dry food storage container and Rubbermaid - Brilliance as a close runner-up.

  • The Best Copper Cookware

    Mauviel M'heritage

    We compared and tested authentic copper cookware with two copper alternatives and found that the 100-percent copper pan cooks best. But an excellent alternative is Anolon - Nouvelle Copper, which cooks almost the same as copper.

  • The Best Meat Slicers

    Cuisinart - FS-75

    We sliced our way through ten pounds of meat and cheese to test meat slicers, and we found that the Cuisinart FS-75 is the best meat slicer for the home.

  • The Best Nonstick Pans

    Anolon - Advanced

    We put seven of the most popular nonstick skillets to the test and determined that the Anolon - Advance is the best nonstick fry pan and the Cuisinart - Chef's Classic is the best nonstick pan set.

  • The 12 Best Food Storage Containers

    OXO Good Grips - Smart Seal

    We tested the most popular food storage containers to find out which one keeps food fresh longer, and we chose OXO Good Grips - Smart Seal as the best glass food storage container and Rubbermaid - Brilliance as the best plastic food storage container

  • The Best KitchenAid Stand Mixers


    If you're wondering which KitchenAid stand mixer to buy, we tested three of the most popular models and selected the Artisan as the best for a first-time or occasional baker and the Pro 600 as the best for large-volume baking.

  • The Best Stand Mixers

    KitchenAid - KSM150P

    After using five of the best stand mixers on the market to make pizza crust, cookie dough and cakes, we've found that the KitchenAid - KSM150PSWH is the clear winner.

  • Blenders lined up with ingredients on a counter.
    The 9 Best Blenders

    Cuisinart - CBT-2000

    We blended over 30 pounds of produce in the most popular blenders on the market. Ultimately, we thought the Cuisinart - CBT-2000 blended the best for a mid-range price.

  • The Best Hand Mixers

    Breville - BHM800SIL

    We spent over 40 hours baking cakes, blending egg whites, kneading bread and mashing 20 pounds of potatoes to determine the Breville was the best hand mixer.

  • The Best Electric Smokers

    Masterbuilt - 20071117

    We had a professional chef test the five top-rated machines, smoking over 40 lb of pork, 25 lb of ribs and 20 lb of chicken and consulted with seasoned BBQ pros for advice and found that the Masterbuilt was the best electric smoker.

  • the best spiralizers - on a kitchen counter
    The Best Spiralizers

    OXO - 3-Blade Tabletop

    After spiralizing 30+ pounds of zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, sweet potato and Bosc pear to test countertop and handheld spiralizers, we found the OXO to be the best spiralizer.

  • The Best Ice Cream Makers

    Whynter - ICM-200LS

    We churned dozens of pints with six of the top machines to discover the Whynter – ICM-200LS compression machine was the best ice cream maker, standing out with top-quality ice cream and a high quality build.

  • group of all tested air mattresses
    The Best Air Mattresses

    Lazery Sleep

    We spent 100 hours testing seven top-rated air mattresses to find Lazery Sleep to be the best air mattress for durability, comfort and convenience.

  • air fryer hero photo
    The Best Air Fryers

    Black+Decker - Purifry

    We spent more than 35 hours testing air fryers and cooking recipes to determine that the Black+Decker Purify Air Fryer is the best option for most people looking to eat healthier diets. Our runner-up is the GoWISE - 22731, a new model that's equally impressive in performance.